Association of Caterers Zagreb: The process of hiring foreign workers takes absurdly too long

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first_imgIt is a well-known fact that the labor market of the Republic of Croatia lacks manpower for work in the tourism and catering sector. Therefore, a month ago, the Government of the Republic of Croatia amended the Decision on determining the annual quota of permits for the employment of foreigners for the calendar year 2018, which increased the number of permits in the tourism and catering sector. Thus, the number of licenses in the tourism and catering industry increased from 4660 licenses to 8660 licenses, and the increase of 4000 licenses relates to the profession of “assistant worker in tourism”, 3000 for new employment and 1000 for seasonal work for up to six months.But there are still problems, and so on The Association of Caterers Zagreb (UUZ) wants to point out another in a series of problems that plague caterers at the level of the city of Zagreb, but also the entire country. As they point out from UUZ, the mentioned mechanism is mostly aimed at countries whose standard is significantly lower than the living standard of the Republic of Croatia, mainly Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Ukraine and they add that although it seems like an ideal solution for employers who chronically lack manpower, the system in this case does not function fast enough. Hiring foreigners is easier if you already have a worker you want to hire before the season. In that case, at least 20 days, and in some cases up to 3 and a half months, will pass from the submission of documentation to the Ministry of the Interior to obtaining a permit. Of course, that time period is too long if the season has already begun and you urgently need someone to work with. “I submitted the documentation for obtaining a residence and work permit at the beginning of February 2018 for two workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Permits were issued only in mid-May 2018. The period of almost three and a half months is alarmingly long. The procedure needs to be speeded up“States long-time caterer Dražan Marjan Ivančić.”We like to say that Croatia is a tourist country, which means quality catering service. Without an adequate number of workers, as a fundamental prerequisite for maintaining service quality, the growth rates we see in recent years will be impossible to maintain. Although the season is already in full swing, caterers in the area of ​​Zagreb, but also the entire country, are struggling with absurdly long waits for permits for foreign workers. We appeal to the competent institutions to speed up the bureaucratic process so that the quality of service remains at the level we are happy to emphasize.“Points out Franz Letica, president of the Zagreb Association of Caterers. One is the form and the other is the content or implementation. Also, if the civil servants who pass and implement the Laws spent just one day bursting in the real sector, a lot of things would be clearer and more efficient. This is how everything falls on the first step, responsibility is shifted, papers travel from office to office, from drawer to drawer, while the whole market economy suffers chronically due to the inefficiency and slowness of the whole system. The system ie the state that should be supporting the market, not the other way around.RELATED NEWS:INCREASED NUMBER OF PERMITS FOR EMPLOYMENT OF FOREIGNERS IN TOURISM AND HOSPITALITYlast_img

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