Bournemouth fan, 17, banned from football for 3 years for racist chanting

first_imgA BOURNEMOUTH fan aged 17 has been banned from football for three years after pleading guilty to chanting racist abuse at a Tottenham match.The teenager, who cannot be named, was also slapped with a £55 fine and £21 surcharge.1 The 17-year-old Bournemouth fan admitted racist abuseCredit: PA:Press AssociationHe launched sick abuse at Spurs stars during Bournemouth’s 3-2 defeat at the new Tottenham stadium on November 30.Inspector Matt Ashmead, from the Met’s Public Order Investigation Team, said: “We take all reports of racism very seriously and as this case demonstrates, will take robust action against those who are found to have committed these kinds of crimes during football matches.”The vast majority of fans obey the law and neither they nor the players should have to listen to any kind of abuse.”We are committed to working closely with clubs to identify anyone acting against the law and would ask anyone who sees or hears this type of behaviour to come forward to stewards or police.”The Cherries supporter admitted to indecent/racial chanting at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court yesterday.The sick abuse came in the same month that Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha said he fears racism is out of control.He singled out online trolls as a cause for the rise in racist incidents.Zaha said keyboard warriors are on the increase because they crave going viral.Zaha, 26, told SunSport in April that he gets a “million” abusive online messages every week on Twitter and Instagram.The Ivory Coast star has also had death threats aimed at his family after Premier League games.Yet he worries there is little that can be done because the messages are from anonymous accounts.Zaha said: “I don’t know what to say any more.“It seems like the more we speak about it, the more it happens now.“I don’t know if people do it to get spoken about. That’s what it seems like. It’s like a chain reaction all the time on social media now.“Anyone can make a fake account, call you whatever on the fake account and then just delete it and make another one. So I don’t know how to handle it any more.most read football newsTHROUGH ITRobbie Keane reveals Claudine’s father was ’50-50′ in coronavirus battleTOP SELLERGavin Whelan has gone from League of Ireland to David Beckham’s InstagramPicturedAN EYEFULMeet Playboy model and football agent Anamaria Prodan bidding to buy her own clubI SAW ROORodallega saw Rooney ‘drinking like madman’ & Gerrard ‘on bar dancing shirtless’ExclusiveRIYAD RAIDMan City’s Riyad Mahrez has three luxury watches stolen in £500,000 raidNEXT STEPJonny Hayes set to move to English Championship having been let go by Celtic“If that’s all you can say to me then you aren’t really educated, especially if we are playing a game like football that everyone loves and that is what you are coming back to me with.“Someone will do it this week. Then because it is mentioned it’s like other people see it and think, ‘I want my name out there as well’. And they are racist as well.“I don’t have an answer for it. Me, I don’t pay any attention to it any more.”last_img read more

No arrest in Rasville couple’s shooting

first_imgThe Guyana Police Force’s ‘A’ Division (Georgetown) are on the hunt for a male suspect who opened fire on a young couple Saturday night at Rasville, Georgetown.Injured are Johnnick La Rose, 19, of Guyhoc Park, Georgetown, and Troyan Barton, 18, of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.According to reports, the shooting occurred around 20:45h at the Shirley Field Ridley Housing Scheme, Rasville.Guyana Times understands that La Rose was shot to his jaw while his girlfriend was shot to the back of her neck by an unknown individual.Injured: Johnnick La RoseInjured: Troyan BartonThis newspaper was told that the shooting was a deliberate attack on La Rose. The young man has described his attacker as a “Rasta man”.A source close to the investigations indicated to this newspaper on Sunday that no arrest has been made. However, he confirmed that surveillance footage was obtained from the area where the shooting occurred but it is yet to assist police in identifying the shooter.“We have to enhance the footage, it hasn’t been of any help so far,” the source related.Meanwhile, Stephen Vieira, uncle of La Rose, told  Guyana Times on Sunday that the night before, his nephew was on his way home along with his girlfriend when they stopped at a shop in Shirley Field Ridley Housing Scheme. After they exited the shop and was about to get on the motorcycle, a man walked up to them and opened fire.He shot the young lady first from behind, which resulted in La Rose turning around only to be shot in his face.The couple began to run in an attempt to escape the shooter, who seemed determined to injure them. The suspect began to give chase while firing shots at the young man. La Rose reportedly told relatives and investigators that the man was shouting “You mess ‘round with meh nephew!” as he pursued them.The injured couple managed to run to La Rose’s home, located one street from where they were attacked, and they both collapsed in front of the house. They were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by La Rose family.This publication was told that the couple remain hospitalised but are in a stable condition. The bullets are still lodged in their bodies.Meanwhile, when asked whether the young man has had any issues recently with anyone that may have prompted the attack, the uncle posited that the family is unaware of any such problem.last_img read more

‘Diaspora Key to Transformation, Sustainability’

first_imgThe President Pro Tempore of the Senate has described Liberians in the Diaspora as key to the transformation and sustainability of a progressive Liberia.He also lauded them for playing a vital role not just by the millions of dollars they remit home to support their people, which help to ease a significant burden on the government, but for their constructive criticisms that help guide the country’s democratic process.Pro Tempore Armah Zolu Jallah made the assertion last Saturday night when he addressed members of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM), United States in observance of Liberia’s 168th Independence Anniversary.He spoke under the theme, “A Collective Effort to Transform Liberia.”.“Without your contribution to Liberia, the lives of so many of our people would be worse. Your continued outspokenness on the financial, political, civil and economic governance of our country is making an impact on our oversight responsibilities,” Pro-Temp Jallah told his compatriots.On the controversial dual citizenship issue, the Gbarpolu County lawmaker was not categorical as to his position, but rather stated: “I want to say that in principle, I want us to have a position that basically acknowledges that once a Liberian, always a Liberian.” We want you all to come home and bring in your vast talents and skills; and with such wide variety of skill sets and talents, it’s difficult to convince me that Liberia lacks human capacity.” Admonishing them to return and help in the rebuilding of their home, he said Liberians should not depend on foreigners to do it for them. “Without you coming home to help rebuild your country, no foreigner is going to do it for you. In fact, your long absence will only encourage foreigners to flock in and benefit from your birthrights. For me, therefore, it makes simple economic and business sense for all Liberians to be included in the rebuilding process.”From 1847 to 2015, Senator Jallah observed, the country’s political leadership could have done better to elevate citizens’ people out of the shackles of poverty and despair. “But that was not done; and even during present times, we continue to struggle to change that reality. For me, therefore, the challenge is no longer about what has gone wrong in Liberia. We all know the problems we’ve faced in the past and how they continue to diminish our collective ability in building a vibrant society.” The country, Senator Jallah noted, boasts of some of the best-educated people that have served in Government, from London School of Economics to Harvard to Yale and Oxford; and that review of cabinets from the first in 1847 to current one will find men and women with solid educational background, but with all that education, the country is not as competitive on many fronts in Africa.“The challenge has been that we have failed to recognize that the international community is supposed to compliment our efforts. Instead, it seems, we have used the international community as a substitute for solving all of our problems. We will continue to be heavily donor dependent unless we make a fundamental departure on how we operate as a nation and as a people,” Senator warned his compatriots.He said the thinking of Liberians now should be geared toward generating socio-economic partnership with elements of the International Community, with mutual benefits on both sides, but that Liberians must get in the driver’s seat and take the lead.As of the need to make private sector investment a suitable way for Liberians to be wealthy, Jallah informed the gathering that he is currently working with the Governance Commission in developing legislations that establish a framework through which Article 7 of the Constitution of Liberia which provides that Liberians should be involved in the management of their national economy and extraction of natural resources on condition of equity can be enforced.“In line with my commitment, I along with Senators Sando Johnson of Bomi County and Geraldine Doe Sherif of Montserrado County, working in collaboration with the Association of Liberian Engineers in USA (ALEUSA), have introduced a legislation to establish a Liberian Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), with the aim of prompting Science and Mathematics education in Liberia; the bill has received its first reading before the Senate floor, and passage is expected during our next sitting.”Refusing to blame the public and media for the bad reputation which he says the government of Liberia has received since 1847, Jallah said the fact remains that “we have not done more to combat the corruption menace and unless we can decisively deal with the issue of corruption, it would be hard for us to build quality education and healthcare systems, and a durable infrastructure on par with countries in our region. “In fact he said, the problem in Liberia has not only been about the lack of money but how the little available can be used.“The question that lingers in my mind is that even if the international community or some philanthropists were to give us $100 billion to fix Liberia, how will we use that money? Will we invest in our people and infrastructure or will it end up in the pockets of people who see government as a ‘get rich quick venture’?”Meanwhile, the full text of Pro Temp Jallah’s speech is published in today’s edition of this paper.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

The More Vigorous the Denials, the More Deeply Ingrained the Impression of Impropriety!

first_imgSince news of the disappearance of containers full of money brought into the country broke, the Government of Liberia has been at pains to provide explanations on what actually transpired. But it appears as though the harder the strikes against the story, the deeper they get stuck. It is like the old Uncle Remus story of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby. The more vigorous the denials, the deeper the impression of impropriety is ingrained on the minds of the public.This newspaper recalls that when the exchange rate of the Liberian dollar to the US dollar shot up to more than LD$160 to one US dollar, the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) then under the new Patray leadership, announced the infusion of 25 million US dollars to, as the Bank described it, mop up excess liquidity, though it has yet to disclose the quantity of excess Liberian dollars which the mop up exercise was to remove from circulation.Of even greater concern is the fact that the CBL, under Patray’s leadership, has been unable to provide evidence (paper trail) of how this money was infused into the economy. Through which Commercial banks or Forex Bureaux was the mop-up money (US$25 million) infused is the question that neither the CBL under Governor Patray nor the Finance Ministry under Minister Tweah is prepared to answer, at least not yet.But, former President Sirleaf, reacting to statements made by Information Minister Eugene Nagbe, who claimed that Liberian dollar banknotes were printed in Lebanon and China, dismissed out rightly that monies were printed in Lebanon and China. Rather, she emphasized that under her watch money was printed only in Sweden and, according to her, the paper trail is there and all such money can be accounted for.Additionally, the former President insisted that the Central Bank did compile and prepare a report on this, but the CBL, in a purported press release, has dismissed her claim that a report was prepared on the money brought into the country from Sweden. But there is something amiss here. Firstly, assertions made in public by Information Minister Eugene Nagbe about his certain knowledge of money printed in China and Lebanon is being played down by the Government of Liberia.Moreover, with all the name calling and blame casting on former President Sirleaf, why has the CBL not released the report prepared by former Governor Weeks? Weeks has said, according to reports, that he can account for every penny brought into the CBL under his watch and this newspaper wonders why this government appears reluctant to release such information to the public if they maintain that Weeks is not telling the truth.Additionally, what about the money printed in Lebanon and China which was brought into the country under the watch of this current government as admitted by Information Minister Eugene Nagbe on radio recently? How much was printed in Lebanon and China and where is the evidence that the money was infused in the economy as claimed by Finance Minister Tweah? Is this the money that has allegedly gone missing but which Finance Minister Tweah has debunked as untrue?These are indeed hard questions to which answers have been hard to come by, especially from current officials. They have instead been heaping scorn on organizers of Monday’s mass demonstration, attributing a range of unworthy motives to the leaders of the demonstration as well as to some participants, including members of opposition political parties. Whatever the case, the CBL, including its Board of Directors and the Ministry of Finance, must account for and provide details of the US$25 million infusion and the money printed in Lebanon and China.This newspaper recalls that former Governor Weeks had come under intense pressure to surrender the country’s reserves as collateral for the loudly proclaimed and much talked about Eton and EBOMAF loan schemes which have since fizzled out. According to sources, Weeks’ refusal to accommodate this request led to his undoing. In truth, according to financial experts, Weeks actually lacked the ability to do so because, according to them, WB/IMF Special Drawing Rights, which is not actual cash, for strange reasons, were included in the reserves. And strangely, his sacking came closely on the heels of the arrival of new banknotes in the country.Meanwhile officials of this government, it appears, have launched an all-out assault on critics in a bid to smother public disquiet which continues to mount in the face of its failure to provide satisfactory and convincing explanations to the public. Financial experts have told the Daily Observer that despite the printing of billions of Liberian dollar banknotes, there is actually a shortage of Liberian dollars on the market. They maintain that the presence of roving changers of mutilated notes (money Tear-Tear) should raise questions about the true purpose to which the infused US$25 million was applied.Given the current outlook, this newspaper, while disagreeing with those who maintain that nothing will come out of this investigation the government has launched, it must however remind this Weah-led government that to restore its fast fading luster, it must give account of every piece of newly printed Liberian dollar banknote imported into the country since it assumed power in January this year. Claims by Finance Minister Tweah that the money has since been infused into the economy should be supported by documentary evidence, including the commercial banks and forex bureaux through which the money should have been infused.President Weah must recognize that this missing money issue is polarizing the country. His officials appear to be experiencing the jitters about demands for transparency and accountability in the handling of this crucial matter. Attempts to side-track this by claiming that the protesters were, according to Representative Acarous Gray, political protesters who could not lock down Mamba Point, is disingenuous and does more harm than good to the image of President Weah.President Weah, through no fault of his own, may lack all the attributes of a sophisticated political bigot; but it is clear that he does not lack common sense and it is that he will have to fall back on to see through the shenanigans of his lieutenants who, from all appearances, are leading him down the path to political self-destruction. He must do all to avoid this, for he cannot afford to betray the interests of the Liberian people he professes to love so dearly.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Tevez back at Boca, dreams of last World Cup fling

first_imgThe former Manchester United and Juventus striker — who turns 34 next month — last played for the national side in October 2015.But Tevez will be happy to settle for just playing after a lucrative but ultimately miserable 12 months with Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua.“I want to enjoy these next two years with Boca because it’s the last thing I have left,” he said as he was introduced by the club after his move last week.“I’m fine. It’s much easier if I’m happy and I’m happy,” Tevez said at his boyhood club’s training ground just outside Buenos Aires.Boca chairman Daniel Angelici said no money changed hands in bringing Tevez back to his former club.“I want to thank the Chinese club because it has made it easier for Carlos to be here with us. There was no economic compensation, neither from Boca to the Chinese club nor from China to Boca,” Angelici told reporters.Tevez said: “We went hand in hand with the Chinese club. Boca did not have to put anything in.”Tevez joined Shenhua in January last year on an estimated 730,000 euros-a-week salary, making him one of the world’s highest-paid players.Carlos Tevez main goal now is to win the South American Copa Libertadores club championship with six-time winners Boca © AFP / EITAN ABRAMOVICHIt may explain his comment at Tuesday’s press conference when he reflected on his return to Boca: “As I won, I also lost.”Tevez scored only four goals in the Chinese championship during an injury-marred season in which he missed the Chinese Cup Final which his team won.“I have no regrets. When I made the decision (to go to China) I took it knowing the consequences,” he said.Tevez’s main goal now is to win the South American Copa Libertadores club championship with six-time winners Boca. The Buenos Aires club last won it in 2007.“We all know the responsiblity of playing a Libertadores. I think it’s time to try to take that weight off us and win it,” he said.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez takes part in a training session at Los Cardales, Buenos Aires province, on January 9, 2018 © AFP / EITAN ABRAMOVICHBUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Jan 9 – Carlos Tevez hopes to turn back the clock and use his return to Boca Juniors as a springboard to get back in the Argentina team for this year’s World Cup in Russia.“I have a few years of football left, being in a World Cup for a player of my age would be something very nice,” Tevez said.last_img read more

John Terry hopes to add more trophies to his collection after signing new Chelsea deal

first_imgChelsea captain John Terry has expressed his desire to win more trophies at Stamford Bridge after signing a one-year contract extension on Thursday.Terry’s contract was set to expire at the end of this season, but the Blues skipper put pen to paper on a new deal that will see him remain at the club until the end of the 2015/2016 campaign.Chelsea are on course for a domestic double this season after winning the League Cup and currently leading the Premier League, and Terry hopes he can help bring even more success to the club.“Hopefully there’s many more [trophies].That’s a massive part of why I’m staying,” said Terry.“I want to win trophies. I want to remain in the side, of course, and for me to get to 14 [trophies], 15, that’s my target.”The 34-year-old has made 661 appearances for Chelsea and won the Champions League, Europa League, five FA Cups, three League Cups and three Premier League titles during his Blues career.Terry has made 40 appearances in all competitions this season and Chelsea are six points clear at the Premier League summit, but he is refusing to get complacent with nine games remaining.Terry said: “We’re very close at the moment. We still need to get over the line. It’s going to be tough. The Hull game [a 3-2 win last weekend] showed how tough it’s going to be.“To get that big one at the end of the season would be fantastic. Then we can regroup and go again next year. I’m delighted to be here and hopefully there’s going to be many more.” John Terry 1last_img read more

Liverpool’s on-loan striker dreams of playing for Spanish giants, according to Milan team-mate

first_img Liverpool’s on-loan striker Mario Balotelli’s dream is ‘to play for Real Madrid’, according to AC Milan team-mate 1 Liverpool misfit Mario Balotelli wants to play for Spanish giants Real Madrid.The Italian striker wore out his welcome at Manchester City and failed to deliver at Anfield so he is now on loan at AC Milan.The 25-year-old shows rare glimpses of his natural talent but not enough to earn the forward a place in the Galacticos’ side.But team-mate Diego Lopez has revealed the oddball still dreams of playing at the Bernabeu. “Do you know what? His dream is to play for Real Madrid,” Lopez told Marca Plus.last_img read more

Antonovich presents plan for extra sheriff’s deputies

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson “What you need to have is some kind of rotating system where you spend time in the jail and then go out on the streets for a while and then back into the jails,” Antonovich said. “That would help morale.” In an effort to bolster the number of law enforcement officers available to assist people in the event of a disaster, Commissioner Charles Parks urged Antonovich and his fellow supervisors to create a Retired Police Officers Reserve Corps. “We have literally tens of thousands of retired police officers in this basin and should we have a catastrophe like a tsunami or a big earthquake, regular law enforcement officers would be totally committed to the safety of the public,” Parks said. “Many of these guys have retired at age 50 or 55 and their resources could be applied much like military reserves.” Antonovich also discussed the future of the troubled King-Drew Medical Center in South Los Angeles, which faces a review this month by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. If the hospital fails to pass the audit, the county health department, already facing a nearly $900 million deficit by 2008, would lose $200 million in federal funding. This would force the supervisors to decide whether to close the hospital and contract out with a private hospital to care for MLK’s patients, or convert MLK to an outpatient facility. In his first speech this year as “mayor” of Los Angeles County, Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich on Thursday proposed ways to boost the recruitment of hundreds of sheriff’s deputies. Antonovich made the comments to the Citizens Economy & Efficiency Commission, established in 1964 to allow its 21 leaders in public service, business and academia to study how to improve government and to target waste, fraud and abuse. The Sheriff’s Department wants to hire as many as 1,000 additional deputies this year, and Antonovich suggested that retired sheriff’s personnel could go to community colleges and high schools to encourage students to become deputies. He also suggested changing the current system in which rookie deputies have spend three to five years working as jail guards before being transferred to patrol jobs. Antonovich is this year’s chairman of the Board of Supervisors, but chooses to use the title of “mayor” instead. He explained Thursday that on the East Coast and in Washington, D.C., many bureaucrats think of the city of Los Angeles as the West Coast counterpart to New York City. “New York City and Los Angeles County are comparable in many of our responsibilities because we provide many services to the region,” Antonovich said. “Many of the people in Washington are from the East Coast and think Los Angeles does the work of Los Angeles County and we lose many of our resources as a result. Funds are siphoned off.” Troy Anderson, (213) 974-8985 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgCongratulations: CLG Bun Cranncha are delighted to be supporting AnseoApp, an app developed by Buncrana native Ciarán MacLochlainn, Columba Ogiol, Michael Flanagan and Anicka Krajickova, that enables users to engage with other Irish speakers and grow your Irish language community. Comhghairdheas agus ádh mór oraibh leis an app, bhí áthas ar CLG Bhun Crannaigh tacaíocht agus cuidiú a thabhairt daoibh.Good Luck: Best of luck to Senior player Caolan McCann and club Assistant PRO Jennifer McNally who travel to Sydney this week. Best wishes from all at CLG Bun Cranncha. U14 Hurling: Buncrana U14 hurlers secured the Donegal Féile title in Ballyshannon in more than impressive fashion on Saturday, with comfortable wins over Burt, Ballyshannon, St Eunans and Letterkenny Gaels. It wasn’t so much the size of the comfortable win’s, it was more the skill, attitude and all round team performance from all the squad that was impressive. This now sets up a trip to Killeedy in west Limerick at the start of July for the Féile na nGael finals, which is just reward for their dedication to training all year.Team: Jason Campbell, Cathal Óg Wilson, Paul Tourish, Oisin Hegarty, Matthew Wilson, John Vaughan, PJ Mc Carron, Fiachra Mac Lochlainn, Ben Doherty, Niall Doherty, Oisin Grant, Dylan Duffy, Aran Craig, Oisin Doherty (Roe), Darren Connelly, Gavin Kelly, Ryan Hegarty, Mark Craig and Liam Doherty. These boys will also form the back bone of the clubs football team that will host Clonmel Commercials from Tipperary as part of the Derry Féile na nÓg, these dual players have the joy of pitting their skills against some of the countrys best young hurlers and footballers and will hopefully have a summer to remember.Thanks to John Rooney and the Aodh Ruadh club for hosting a well run tournament and for the refreshments for all afterwards.Senior and Reserve Football: Our Reserves recorded an excellent hard fought win over Bundoran on Sunday, winning by a margin of 3 points. Final score Bundoran 0-7 Buncrana 1-7. Unfortunately our Senior side lost out by 1 point, with Bundoran converting a last minute free. In truth a poor first half performance and a 6 point deficit at half-time proved costly. Final score Bundoran 1-11 Buncrana 1-10.Girls Football: A young Buncrana U16’s girls team played a slightly superior Milford team at the Scarvey last Monday evening. The wind was against us during the first half and despite great defending by our ever trustful and reliable defenders, we were down by 3 points at half time. Our girls came out fighting in the second half and got off to a good start, however the Milford girls had their day. Well done to all our girls as we complete our U16 league. They have all demonstrated dedication to their club, played in a good and sporting manner and have done us and themselves proud.Girls football training is on Monday night at 7.00pm sharp. Open to all girls from the ages of 9 to 16 years of age. New players are also welcome. Please bring your own water bottle.U5 and U6 Gaelic Games: Under 5s and 6s sessions continues on Saturday mornings at 11.15am sharp in at the Scarvey. The sessions are based on GAA Fundamentals; a Croke Park initiative based on European wide research aimed at bettering your child’s coordination (including hand eye) balance, agility and basic fitness in a fun filled environment.U8 Hurling: U8 Hurling will continue on Wednesdays at 5.30-6.30pm in Crana College. Newcomers are always welcome to come along and learn the basic skills of Hurling in a fun, safe environment.U8 Football: U8 Football will continue on Friday at 6.30pm, new members are always welcome. U9/U10 Football: U9 Football (for children born in 2004) and U10 Football (for children born in 2003) is on Friday evenings in the Scarvey from 6:30pm. New players are always welcome.U12 Football: The training times are as follows: Tuesday 7.00-8.00pm and Friday 7.00-8.30pm. Mouthguards are now compulsory for all training as well as matches. Newcomers are always welcome to come along and learn the basic skills of Gaelic football in a fun, safe environment.Club Notes: Anyone who would like to receive a copy of the weekly club notes should email Oisín at to be included on the mailing list. If you have any items which you think should be included in the club’s weekly notes, please email Oisín at by 6pm on each Sunday for consideration. To keep up to date with all the latest goings-on, please join us on or @buncranagaa, or visit our website BUNCRANA GAA CLUB NEWS – GETTING BEHIND THE ANSEOAPP was last modified: May 8th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GAA: BUNCRANA GAA CLUB NEWS – GETTING BEHIND THE ANSEOAPPlast_img read more

Super Computer predicts the end of season Championship table

first_img stalemate talkSPORT’s Super Computer believes Leeds will nab the automatic promotion spot in the Championship. GREAT NEWS Latest Championship news 11 Strugglers Wigan hold Blackburn to goalless draw in Championship Last weekend highlighted just how crazy the Championship is.Title challengers Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion clashed at the Hawthorns with the hosts coming out 4-1 winners. We now have to take a two week break as international football returns, so’s famous Super Computer has been wheeled out to make it’s own predictions.But what does it say? Find out below… REPLY Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ 11 The Baggies have this season lost 4-1 to Derby County, while Leeds have been the Rams 4-1 – it’s going to be an incredibly competitive season.On top of that, we saw a rollercoaster 4-3 win for table-topping Norwich City over basement battlers Millwall where the lead changed three times, and Teemu Pukki also missed a penalty.It’s a truly wonderful division and we’re sure there are plenty more twists and turns at both ends of the table about to come – but how will it all finish? Bannan penalty helps Sheffield Wednesday strengthen grip on play-off place 11 It’s set to be a mid-table finish for Birmingham City Leeds lose at Fulham, West Brom held, Charlton’s winless run continues 11 Swansea City’s Martin Roberts celebrates scoring. 3. Middlesbrough (play-offs)2. Leeds United (automatic promotion) 11 Tammy Abraham celebrates scoring on loan at Aston Villa. It looks like relegation this season for Rotherham, according to our Super Computer Sheffield Wednesday star Liam Palmer 11 Hull defender MacDonald given all-clear after battle with bowel cancer center_img goalless Millwall manager Neil Harris. 11 18. Wigan Athletic17. Preston North End 16. Sheffield Wednesday 15. Bristol City14. Brentford13. Birmingham City Teemu Pukki could fire Norwich City into the play-offs. 22. Hull City (relegated)21. Reading20. Bolton Wanderers19. Millwall 11 Will Frank Lampard get Derby County into the Premier League? ROUND-UP 9. Blackburn Rovers8. Swansea City 11 Sheffield Wednesday players celebrate a saved penalty in their 0-0 draw with rivals Sheffield United. 12. Stoke City11. Queens Park Rangers10. Aston Villa 11 EFL result 5. Sheffield United (play-offs)4. Norwich City (play-offs) 7. Nottingham Forest6. Derby County (play-offs) Cardiff and Preston play out stalemate in Championship early kick-off Make sure you tune in to the talkSPORT network when the Championship returns as we bring you more LIVE game on talkSPORT 2.24. Ipswich Town (relegated)23. Rotherham United (relegated) 11 How does the Super Computer believe things will work out in the Championship. 1. West Bromwich Albion (champions)last_img read more