Six basic methods of website promotion

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Six basic methods of

website promotion (conventional website promotion method) of
1. search engine promotion method


3. comprehensive marketing strategy.

  electronic commerce certainly cannot do without the network marketing, and network marketing depends on the details of winning out to the knowledge and skills in many aspects, such as search engine ranking, Links, network advertising, community outreach, E-MAIL marketing and so on, can get their own learning, but the beginning please some professional the company may be better. I also use an online shopping online tool — "guest

service expert (, is an enterprise class website real-time online communication system, for enterprise website and website visitors provides a real-time, online communication platform. In simple terms, visitors to the site in the process of browsing the corporate Web site, just click on the customer service icon on the page, you can communicate with the enterprise in real time, no need to download plug-ins or software,

is online consulting, online camp

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