Riding a goose travel iGola completed A round of 130 million yuan financing + wal Yan capital invest

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Abstract: "an African customer, through our platform, bought a ticket from New York to London on the Russian website, and we received a commission of more than and 20 euros in Guangzhou."

investment community news, December 22nd, riding a goose travel iGola 130 million yuan to complete the A+ round of financing, this round of financing led by wal Yan capital, GF Securities, a wholly owned enterprise qianheng investment with investment. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to improve the international ticket search engine products, market promotion and international promotion of specific countries. According to the new data show that riding a goose travel was obtained in November 2014 from the rich capital millions of Yuan Angel round of financing, in May 2015 obtained from Wal Yan capital million yuan A round of financing.


iGola, the coordinates of Guangzhou, created by Zhang Yan, the main search, parity and purchase services for outbound users, in order to solve the common problems encountered by users in outbound travel, such as how to buy high price ticket, how to plan a trip to economy. Its air ticket data source from the world’s shipping department website, the world’s OTA website information and international GDS grab data. In the way of profit, with the increase in the amount of iGola users, the platform will take charge to the supplier, the user free way to achieve. Zhang Yan in an interview when he will be the general pattern for, "an African users, through our platform, in Russia’s website, bought a ticket from New York to London, and we received more than and 20 euros of commission in Guangzhou."

in the functional settings, iGola for the user in the process of outbound travel through the point of the targeted settings. For example iGola through different configuration segment, to provide differentiated products for the ticket user; the user can complete the purchase in the platform, without the need to jump behind the chain OTA and navigation company website; iGola payment scheme also supports multiple languages and multiple countries, provides convenience for non English country users. At present, iGola has carried out cooperation with dozens of different international and OTA, including Air China and Lufthansa more than and 100 navigation company API interface.

at present, the number of Chinese outbound tourism and consumption are ranked first in the world. National Tourism Administration issued the China tourism development report 2016, statistics show that: since entering in twenty-first Century, Chinese citizens outbound show a blowout growth. 2014, the number of mainland Chinese citizens outbound tourism exceeded 100 million passengers, reaching a total of 109 million passengers, in 2015 rose to 120 million passengers, an increase of more than 2 million 988 thousand and 700 times in 1992, the number of passengers. Since 2009, outbound tourism has maintained an average annual growth of two digits, an average annual growth of 14.74%. From the current base and growth rate, China’s outbound tourism in the next 5 years will reach the size of 700 million people.

with the outbound travel market fiery, exit >

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