Rice noodles Festival secret why hunger marketing

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April 8th, the introduction of millet rice Festival promotional activities, it is learned that only 12 hours on the sale of more than 1 million 300 thousand units, millet is still staged hunger marketing, it is clear that millet was successful. Low prices, high cost, the purchase of such a combination of several factors, so that the success of millet marketing again and again. No matter how good the product also requires user recognition, but also the need for perfect packaging, millet seems to seize the user’s psychology, do not buy can not buy. Let Rice noodles flash sale busy awfully, millet can sit ". Follow the herd mentality, psychology, psychological advantage, this is the secret of successful millet hunger marketing. Use is not the same thing, buying and selling is one thing, the user is not rational consumption of the most gullible, do not pay attention to the actual function of the product, more attention is the face of consumption.


personalized consumption, the era of consumer comparisons has come, this is the most obvious performance in the young people, when you see people around with millet phone, it is estimated that also want to buy a. 80, 90 is the comparison of the generation, always looking for love in the sense of superiority in the competition, this kind of psychology is very common, but most people have the pursuit of "high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade" the desire to be realistic economic conditions are not allowed. Millet mobile phone configuration is not bad, the design is also good, the most important is the price is relatively cheap, so millet mobile phone will be many grass root users favorite, in addition to millet mobile phone, there seemed to be no equal cost of mobile phone brand. Appearance to the atmosphere, there are grades, looking at the face, but the price can not be too expensive, millet phone to meet the needs of users of this psychological. Of course, there are other copycat machine also began to rise, for example, cool God low-cost large screen mobile phone.

Rice noodles festival only millet a one-man show, there will be the future of apple fruit powder Festival, a mobile phone can also hold similar activities, usually have a certain amount of users of the mobile phone business. Can be modeled on purely speculation, business activities, but there are still a lot of fans to join millet mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone is not just Apple millet mobile phone so simple. More important is a symbol of identity, taste, for practical purposes, as long as it is not the hand travel enthusiasts, what kind of intelligent machine is actually not much difference. But the phone is a comparison and show off, especially the young man’s vanity. Millet mobile phone has been hard to find a machine state, difficult to buy mobile phone in the official website of millet, Rice noodles Festival so many got their Rice noodles.

excessive engage in hunger marketing is not necessarily harm, users may choose to give up the millet mobile phone, smartphone to switch to other brands. As long as the price is almost, not so many users have the patience to watch the official website, the domestic mobile phone brand low-end smart machine emerge in an endless stream dragons and fishes jumbled together. If only the pursuit of the appearance of high-end, the atmosphere, so many users will choose cottage machine. Once the rice flour can be found to replace another smartphone millet phone, it is easy to choose other brands of mobile phones, buy >

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