How to manage small and medium enterprises in WEB2.0 Era

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will blog, podcasts and other enterprises into the site, and then they will be the latest events of the enterprise video spread…… In the face of WEB2.0, small and medium-sized enterprises to find another efficient way to promote the brand, the company’s marketing model will change.

innovative media to open up a new era of marketing

in the growing popularity of WEB2.0 era, the first step of foreign enterprises, has begun to taste the sweetness of greatly reducing network advertising communication effect, also enhanced many than before. According to my understanding, a foreign clothing brand invited the young dancers in their clothing for dance performances, and then recorded and released a video link through the corporate website, based on the enterprise website before training up the blog, can this video link to their own network of sites, as Flash clock, or for download screensaver. At the same time, to participate in this promotion, you can also participate in the vote and draw. Enterprise as easy as blowing off dust, get online advertising than ever better propaganda effect. This new marketing tool, is the domestic enterprises have to follow suit.

huge community to enhance the interaction between enterprises and customers

in fact, the door of the domestic WEB2.0 has already opened, a music mobile phone business is one of the typical representative. On its official website, not only the traditional enterprise website news, product promotion, event information, and add more interactive center, including my space, music and download e-books, etc. many unique experiences playing machine WEB2.0 era content.

in this new marketing model, the enterprise website as an Internet platform, and the blog is Web 2 technical means, to listen to customers want to tell the story. Enterprises can understand customer demand by customers exquisite original content, at the same time, through the enterprise website, community, news release platform to recommend products to more customers, so as to achieve the purpose of positive interaction, and the formation of an efficient community, participate in interactive activities initiated by the enterprise.

WEB2.0 under the embarrassment of small and medium enterprises

WEB2.0 flame has become Liaoyuanzhishi, which plays an increasingly important role in the business field. However, according to the survey found that about 23000000 of the small and medium enterprises in China, a considerable part of it is in an awkward position – there is no corporate website or stay in the vase stage.

domestic Internet based service providers era network official said, "the longest journey begins with the first step, we must immediately take the first step is to open the way to the WEB2.0 window for the enterprise. He also suggested that small and medium enterprises do not need to invest too much in the beginning of resource concessions stable, high-speed business virtual host is the first choice for enterprise.

The advantage of

Web 2 marketing model is that as long as the company’s good products and communication system, we must be able to use the WEB2.0 tools for the spread of cross duplication, and this

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