Looking back at my tears building college students website

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      record seems to be in October last year, the Chinese University of China online hereinafter referred to as " college website " start to create, just a year of memories.

      at that time it seems difficult in the last month, with the information flow website impulse, and the elephant immediately and even team a team of two people, he is a programmer, I basically do art and column planning!     use half the work spare time. The website column, data, program basically completed, data mining 2W, then I feel very satisfied! ““““““““ but it is not we imagine so impressive, traffic has been around 100 animals because SEO soup! We are not absolutely familiar. Know is very great to generate HTML


      two of us insist on two months, down from being out, two people are full-time to do. Although the traffic is not very impressive, but every day to pick up, so have some power. At that time also want to do Web2.0 station, but fortunately did not finish up, really this is, if you can spend a few months to develop over two users to program, we [also really no solution. To flow as well as their own diligent, don’t hope for the popular WEB2.0 allow others to create information for our website so, college students are still relatively positive line to the New Year! We want to back home… Website. Probably done more than two months. It also separated the environment, then I feel the cooperation is also not very good


      2007 this year I plan to adhere to the independent, independent career last year, while looking for a job, while students do overtime, indeed, to be useful, I have recorded the blog, then every day will rise more than and 200 IP. a few days on the more than 3 thousand, this time, suddenly feel the flow of more than 3 thousand, how to become 3W.. And considering the future development.. I want to mind, put the long domain to " China; Xue Bo ",,,, really good, old brand, multi user space, and this time CN domain element under the impact of to think, after the development of more. And the domain name changed international domain name.COM… Of course, when doing the information he can learn some experience, know the keyword so good use, how to rank well. Have been very happy!!!!

      but today can write so much, because the mood has changed, why is called " tear history "??

      as a result of server reasons

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