12306 said there is confidence in solving technical problems with the enterprise

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the past two days, the number of users upload screenshots, displayed on the website from 12306 to log on to the reservation, queuing, processing and other links all hit stuck.

yesterday, the railway sector through the network and telephone sale of the September 30th Mid Autumn Festival tickets. According to ShangHai Railway Station predicted that in September 30th is expected to send passengers 346 thousand passengers. In this wave of ticket peak, 12306 website yesterday still stuck. Passengers complained: network ticketing system the implementation of the new "compulsory queuing" function, as if the train station team moved to the internet.

railway ticketing system to emerge from research and development, 10 years after 6 saw upgrade from the sale of artificial hard board ticket to the real name ticketing, electronic ticket and electronic payment, but not the essence of train ticket is hard to change.

moved the train station to the Internet

queue queue!! who is also in the queue? "At 11:10 at noon yesterday, a netizen" anchor Xiao Han "posted screenshots in his micro-blog, showing" tickets for waiting state, still need to wait more than 30 minutes".

twists and turns, the netizen finally in yesterday afternoon successfully buy tickets, "the morning afternoon began queuing, to the office was open 12306 website, finally opened after the discovery of my order no…… So re booking, re queuing, finally more than 4 pm finally pay the."

but more buyers are not as smooth as she is. It is reported that 12306 tickets website has completed a new round of upgrades on Sunday, but many users reflect, after the upgrade may be forced to purchase the user queue, because there are many loopholes in the system, a great probability after waiting in line to buy failed. For a time, the efficiency of the 12306 ticketing website has become the object of Tucao users.

"today the train and I do not have more than 1495 people before you submit your request to the processing of your booking, you submit the request may have no ticket, do you want to continue?" a passenger reservation in September 29th Beijing West train bound for Urumqi T69, encountered the awkward encounter. Click "OK", the waiting time is a bottomless pit, maybe there is no ticket; click "Cancel", only the more the more back row, there may be a new page brush. The passengers complained: "12306 site just to the train station team moved to the Internet, nature of" hard to get a vote or not. "."

In order to verify the

statement is true, the Post reporter yesterday morning, in the afternoon and evening repeated attempts to log 12306 ticket website, in addition to the smooth morning login once, the other showed a high volume of traffic cannot login system. < >

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