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Ubokia: buyer led literary fan children electricity supplier website

whether Jingdong like B2C, Taobao or C2C in this way, every kind of the electricity supplier website is beyond count, but their common feature is that the web page is filled with "Kuangxiang X yuan" and "last n days", "blood sale" type of advertising, the seller holds the absolute right, and buyers can "what, what to eat a meal". Ubokia, a new type of electricity supplier website but found out another development path.

Ubokia is a buyer as the core of the electricity supplier website. Open the home page, the top of the page there are three prominent Tags: browse Something (Browse), WANTs (Post Your WANT) and sell things (Sell). Click the "demand", we can see the different user’s shopping needs; click the "post demand", through a few simple steps, issued a demand information; "sell" is similar to a regular second-hand goods trading website.

surface, Ubokia is a company with (micro-blog) trading site similar. But it is unique in that it can be as accurate as possible to describe the goods needed for the precise shopping possible. It does not want to develop online flea market in an ordinary, but to play a small fresh art fan children, want to trade some rare things, such as the Lady Gaga through the coat, or a book that had gone out of print novels.

Ubokia has 100 thousand users, and this figure is rapidly moving towards the 200 thousand, showing a good momentum of development. But small series after the trial, published in the demand of Ubokia is mostly Master technology, trading the most exuberant is used iPhone, iPod and other digital products, which is obviously Ubokia’s literary ideas do business "be quite different. If you can not become an independent school in trade in goods, Ubokia may soon obliterate all men".

Ubokia URL: Ubokia

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