Cloud services rich handsome game Do small companies play

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in Chinese, startups do cloud services like a group of "death squads". What challenges do they take?



| Liu Yan

2013 April, aliyun official micro-blog launched the "I aliyun story" theme was "unexpected" effect, the original micro-blog promotion activities are the developers of the "slobber" exit.

CEO (Ye Kai play crab technology has developed the "big head" and other games) without taboo, will be directed at Ali cloud. Micro-blog is not too active this time he finally boomed: "we in Ali cloud with more than and 20 virtual host, half the time, there have been 1 times all the machines are powered down, 2 times multiple hard disk read-only disk I/O 3 times suddenly, suddenly become full (give explanation is on the same physical machine virtual he and we grab resources, 1) the customer does not directly notify the restart, 10 times operation does not respond. Never call by 5 minutes, ready to continue to move out of all machines. Goodbye Ali cloud." Ye Kai with ALI cloud style farewell to attract more than 1100 forwards, nearly 300 comments. Ye Kai also said sharply, this cloud service should be back to the laboratory, and other products and services are perfect and then out of commercial.

customer service to apologize: "Ali cloud Xiaoyun cherish every customer, hope to help customers solve problems, processing in the process to bring you trouble, Xiao Yun here to apologize, we sincerely hope to make use of Ali cloud customers are at ease." Ye Kai disdain, give do not pull, you go away, and so on.

a developer to respond Ye Kai: you encounter these problems I have encountered, and the first time there is a local disk data loss, then Ali cloud or support local disk. Ali cloud on the trouble never notice, even if you have trouble report to it, it will let you find your own reasons, it is justified to solve, the solution is nothing more than for the host, but I have moved out, aliyun do not know what time to reliable."


official blog Park Ye Kai respond to the problems encountered in the post: "1 times (all off all the machines we encountered is the network storage effect and fault, all off almost 2 times), a plurality of hard disk read-only (no suddenly encountered), 3 hard disk IO suddenly become full (encounter times, this has been recognized as a problem), 1 times the customer does not directly notify the restart (met 1 times, because the physical machine fault), more than 10 times operation does not respond to (not met), never call 5 minutes through (not met)."

came to the onlookers, I and the story of Ali cloud, as well as the topic of Tencent cloud, UCloud, and shoot cloud, Lan Xunyun, seven cloud cloud service providers such as cattle.

developer’s anger, reflecting the reality of China’s cloud services immature. In spite of all

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