The traditional online recruitment model behind face

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after ten years, the traditional recruitment network finally completely "face".

the evening of July 9th, announced a full upgrade platform, the full introduction of the parent company of Monster technology and the gradual introduction of related products Chinese edition. Monster is the world’s largest online recruitment site, covering more than 55 countries and regions worldwide.

according to the reporter, this is since its inception in 1997, the largest in the history of a revolution. In the future, different job seekers landing " home" to obtain the rendered page, push position and occupation guidance articles are different.

in early October 2008, global recruitment website giant Monster wholly-owned after the acquisition, because has little action, once criticized by outsiders. "In fact, we’ve been working on this change. It took three years to prepare." marketing department general manager Zhu Xiaofei told reporters.

face after in addition to the appearance and the past is different, more importantly, the underlying technology is "Monster", a comprehensive introduction of semantic search, cloud computing and behavior orientation of three core technologies. Our goal is to study how to break through the massive information dilemma, with an accurate and efficient way to improve the efficiency of corporate recruitment." product and project management director Cao Wentao said.

in addition to, and known as the "big three" network recruitment, qianchengwuyou Zhaopin are looking for new technological breakthroughs, including the strengthening of online services, mobile client development etc.. In 2012, the online recruitment industry claimed to be the year of change." Zhu Xiaofei said.

in fact, the online recruitment industry has indeed had to change the period. Although the development of online recruitment industry more than ten years, but still in the high investment, high growth, low investment, low growth in the initial stage. Its business model has not been greatly improved, dressed in the Internet skin, relying on human resources to do the traditional recruitment.

addition, the network recruitment industry homogeneity, low efficiency phenomenon is also becoming more and more serious. Ari analyst Zhang Jing told reporters, although the influx of traditional recruitment sites, but the success rate of job seekers is not high, the traditional recruitment website technology behind, the match is not high."

, however, Zhang Jing said, from another point of view, practitioners also see online recruitment is still in the ascendant industry, if you can successfully enter into a new stage of technology as the technology, the market prospects." According to industry sources data is that, at present, has been registered in the national industrial and commercial enterprises, less than 10% of the use of the network recruitment.

if the traditional online recruitment to further their own to seek change, the next 35 years, they will remain the dominant position." Zhang Jing said. According to a report in 2011, Ai Rui survey showed that by qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin and ChinaHR three.

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