The total number of Google security browsing service users reached 1 billion

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technology – Beijing morning news on June 26th, Google announced on Tuesday that the company’s Safe Browsing (Safe Browsing) service has achieved a major milepost, this service is to protect 1 billion users from malware and phishing attacks. A year ago, the service was 600 million users, which means that the number of users in just 12 months, an increase of about 400 million people.

Google safe browsing service to Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser users and Internet service providers (ISP) provides a list of URL containing malware or phishing content, the service also can through the public API (Application Programming Interface) access. In addition, users can manually enter the URL link you want to check to see whether the site is safe.

to celebrate the milepost, Google today is still the "transparency report" (Transparency Report) website launched a new "Safe Browsing" blocks, for users to view a week how many users will access the Google safe browsing service URL list, where global malicious web hosting and web sites to delete Malware will be again in a short time such as infection.


will not be the safety of the site is divided into two categories, the first category is the site that contains malicious code, these websites will install malicious software on the user’s computer, hackers can use private or sensitive information capture and transmission of malicious software users. Another category is phishing sites, such sites will be disguised as legitimate sites, trying to deceive the user to enter a user name and password or share other private information.

common phishing sites are disguised as legitimate banking sites or online store pages.

Google says its secure browsing service checks billions of URL links every day, and finds thousands of new insecure sites, many of which are compromised legitimate websites. Subsequently, the service will be converted to the site’s information in Google search engine and the above three browser issued a warning. This service is not perfect, because the service to a large extent is automatically detected, so often the legitimate sites marked as unsafe sites, but not too much to explain, which makes users and website administrators have suffered great losses.

but the industry pointed out that since Google launched 7 years ago, security browsing service, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of this service. However, the number of users of the service has reached 1 billion people, which means that Google must be more careful to ensure that the service can run as well as possible. (Tang Feng)

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