Rising have fake Tencent into the firewall

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saw a shocking news today, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan, Wenchuan, China, the people of all over the country mobilized. To the disaster area the biggest funding and support. Rich money, powerful output. Across the country to support the disaster area. But I am in the Sohu website found a shameless "Li Chuncheng" who use this opportunity to send the national wealth. Here’s what they report:

in May 13th, rising to a monitoring by the Sichuan earthquake disaster money fraud phishing sites, the site modeled on Tencent.com charity channel, titled "the Tencent charity foundation Chinese joint Red Cross Jet Li one foundation project for the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake emergency donation", this is actually the hackers build phishing sites, announced is a fake donation account. Rising security experts remind users when love to pay attention, do not be deceived fake website.

is currently the counterfeit page is via e-mail, QQ, MSN and other tools circulated on the Internet, people know the truth may spontaneously were posted, this also from another point of view to strengthen the "deceptive counterfeit. Rising has been reported to the police, and the sites included in the firewall, Ruixingkaka Internet assistant malicious URL list, when users visit the site, rising will alert the user to

rising engineers said that the fraud "from layout, color to text style, completely imitate Tencent.com, at first glance, there is no difference between a channel and Tencent.com, the only flaw is the donation account for the Construction Bank announced private account, the account owner signed" Li Chuncheng ".

after inquiries to the relevant units, the Chinese Red Cross and other institutions, has never set up a charity account of personal name, any personal account donations, are illegal.

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