The first case of Xuzhou network marketing principal jailed for 4

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recently, Xuzhou City Yunlong District Court held a public hearing with the police investigation and prosecution by Yunlong Xuzhou "network marketing" of the first case, daimou, Lin, kongmou, a case of 4 suspects for illegal business crime were sentenced to one year to five years.

According to the head of

investment rebate Commission

October 2006, Yunnan daimou rent a fictional American server, "American ATM Investment Trust Corporation", with the name of the company on the Internet to make the "American" company ATM ", and with foreign companies under the guise of the investment with high rebates as bait, formulated the" investment return "," pull the head Commission "related to the mode of operation in the online publicity.

police investigation was informed: e-gold, commonly known as the network currency, also known as virtual currency, 1 e-gold equivalent to $1. There are three ways to profit:

is the first investment rebate. Investment in the 100 "e-gold" (with 100 dollar to 850 yuan, from the investment calculation) second day daily return rebate, investment funds 2%, equivalent to 17 yuan, continuous back 100 days (excluding weekends), this calculation, finally get high return of principal and interest of 1700 yuan.

second is the introduction award, that is, pull the head. Introduction 1-2 investors can get 12% of the investment funds of the Commission, the introduction of 3-4 investors can get a commission of $15% investment funds, the introduction of more than 5 people can get an investment of $17% commission.

third is a tutoring bonus. Each presents a investors in addition to the prize money, also can get the investors to invest in paragraph 2% of the Commission, namely A B, A B investment funds can get 2% Commission; the development of A B, B and the development of C, then A, B respectively C investment funds 2% commission. In accordance with this provision, A can get offline nine investment models, ranging from 2% to 1% of the Commission, and not capped.

to participate in the MLM organization first in the "ATM" on the web page to register as a member, registered without real name, only the number, the English alphabet for the code name and password. Each investment 100 e-gold can be displayed in real time on the user’s own user name of the 100 e-gold, the development of the assembly line of the Commission is also reflected in the form of e-gold. If you want to cash, as long as the user’s own name on the Internet to enter the bank card number, the number of coins displayed on the Internet within 48 hours will be converted into RMB 100:770 exchange rate into their account.

cheated more than 400

in operation in April Xu

in order to attract more investors, wearing a person around the preaching, teaching. He came to Xuzhou two lectures, the development of key members of the forest, a hole, such as a case. Due to the huge return on investment, there are more than 10 provinces and cities across the country more than 300 people participated in the MLM organization through the network, the amount of illegal business of nearly $10 million. In >

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