Taobao and Hunan TV joint venture intends to push four big business

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December 29th morning news, Taobao and Hunan satellite TV today formally set up a new company, the company’s name for the joy of Taobao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the new company plans to launch four new business.

is reported that the joy of Taobao capital reached 100 million yuan, Taobao senior director Wang Yulei served as general manager of the company. After the establishment of the company, intends to launch the four major businesses, including television shopping, Taobao TV, star derived shopping products, as well as shooting and online shopping related drama.

The new

Taobao company will open happy sub channel area and external independent website in Taobao online by Taobao, happy company responsible for the operation, sales of goods new platform part from Taobao existing sellers of goods, the cooperation of Hunan satellite TV products, Hunan TV Artists and peripheral derivatives.

at the beginning of December, Taobao has been low-key and domestic set-top box manufacturers China cooperation group, plans to Taobao shopping implant set-top box, future users to watch movies and TV plays, you can always switch to a shopping platform for shopping.

Taobao previously with the Zhejiang daily newspaper group issued a Taobao World magazine, and Lenovo Mobile, TCL, China Telecom launched customized mobile phones. So far, Taobao has been involved in computer terminals, traditional newspapers, mobile terminals and TV terminals.

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