The logic and fate of the technological subversion

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in the past 10 years, science and technology industry appeared to be too numerous to enumerate the fresh products, penetration into the human society in the blood, penetrate into the bone marrow of fancier. Among them, the most important is the main iPhone and the mobile Internet by the weave, they have profoundly changed the world, no fear to subvert our traditional way of life, earn a lot of profit. Probably because of the aesthetic of iPhone is too high, so that newcomers tend to hold a "subversive" banner, pretend to be in the development of a new iPhone every day, days and months multiplying way to pretend, even they themselves believe, but the real truth is that they are just a hammer, profound change in the world is still apple, Samsung Ali, the most famous of these enterprises, they did not continue to launch a revolutionary product, but the use of a continuous slight improvement to deal with the change of the world, under the huge subversion month after month and year after year, just a natural thing.


said people are particularly vulnerable to subversion and revolution, bloody scenes together with a "natural all-powerful, taste, but to subvert a murky sky over a dark earth" looking back on the course of iPhone and mobile Internet, they more than one or two excellent products, today’s subversion comes from its continuous improvement and innovation, and apple said, to subvert the world, rather, they spent 10 years carefully crafted, self carved world.

Apple ten years: carving the world beautiful time

to 2017, Apple has launched iPhone 10 years. Now everywhere about the subversion of the modern era of science and technology, it can be said that iPhone is through technological innovation to subvert an industry the most classic case, but also to the later so-called subversion provides the basic template and Everfount nutrient. In fact, iPhone is the first to be called "smart" mobile phone, it appears to subvert the dominant position of NOKIA in the mobile phone, the remaining light almost completely masked Nokia/Moto brand, but the whole process is not easy, get rid of NOKIA and weave the new mobile Internet is not iPhone4 or iPhone6 Plus, but with the industry technology upgrade and update mode:

iPhone was born at the beginning, is really amazing, but is not strong and smart now, behind this platform is the growth of the fourth industrial revolution in the legend, the great optimization of CPU processing and storage ability and network transmission performance. In the whole process, the chip processor under Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek’s efforts to improve the performance of even the Super 8 core processor, memory performance is significantly improved, operators have to be busy at putting up installations built a large number of base stations, and these are the basic conditions of the mobile phone become intelligent, clever and iPhone the storage and operation of space together, keep the iOS growing even bloated infinite possibilities "

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