Thousands of oak version of the happy new LOGO stressed Kaixin domain name

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technology news March 19th morning news, Thousand Oaks group’s happy net today quietly replaced with new LOGO, and had stressed the pattern design + happy words, the new LOGO is more prominent domain, this means that the industry has been dubbed the copycat version of network will be happy with "true" happy net ( launched more intense the competition.


Thousand Oaks happy net replacement LOGO (right for the new logo)

and happy network pattern identification, (Note: at present there are two happy nets, the earliest founded, 1000 oak founded changed the previous outstanding yellow doll LOGO+ happy combination of network Chinese characters, selection of LOGO design in the phonetic domain name

had thousands of oak CEO Chen Yizhou to buy Kaixin domain name, has been in the industry concern, causing infringement and commercial competition moral controversy. Insiders believe that thousands of oaks stressed that the Kaixin domain move means that it will continue to force the Millennium oak happy network platform, two happy network will be more intense competition.

Thousand Oaks happy network repeatedly stated that the positioning of the open entertainment platform. Not long ago, Chen Yizhou has revealed that due to traffic has reached expectations, thousands of oak version of the happy network will be introduced in the near future advertising, while the mobile version is also under development. As early as the end of last year, happy network ( has quietly test the Internet advertising business.

Chen Yizhou has admitted that due to thousands of oak happy network game strong, difficult to make money than the campus network, but now only to explore. According to today’s Alexa ranking, thousands of oak happy network is located in 1081 place, the school network is ranked in the top 169, happy network ( is the 139.

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