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note: This article according to Lenovo LBG innovative media and digital marketing director Chen Huiling March 25th tiger sniffing WOW 2014 new media marketing depth sharing meeting to share.

What is

social media?

is a one-way communication in the past, and now is interactive. Social media is a platform it is not a platform, when you put yourself on the platform to see a thing when you have lost, because consumers do not pay attention to your topic, he is only concerned about himself. Social media is a kind of marketing activities? No, when you think that social media is a kind of marketing activities you have already lost the market, because the so-called social is all connected, not going there alone. Is social media free of charge, and social media is not only free, but also very expensive?. When the company is making a budget, it’s going to cost a lot of money.

what is social marketing


social media mainly for some advertising and promotion is very effective, but it also has positive relation with public relations, even with its customer service is also relevant, even though it is also a consumer insight research. Social marketing is definitely not marketing work, if a company to it as a marketing operation, then they will not be too optimistic. Social marketing is usually what to do? We have to listen to consumers, to do some active message delivery, based on at the same time to have a dialogue with consumers, but also to enhance CRA and database marketing, these all together is full of social marketing.

Marketing case

Durex and Coca-ColaWhen I was in the

of Durex, told me that Durex do well because there is sexual elements, spreading easily with the elements. But Durex is also a competitor, I get third party investigation report told me that a condom in the domestic market share of only ten, meaning that 90% of the people are not this. I asked the boss to help you do your marketing for me, what do you want? You want me to help you what? The boss told me that I want to make a big cake, to expand the market. As soon as this sentence comes out, I define the idea of a market. So when we do some days after the contents are such a trend.

look at Coca-Cola, it is not a lack of visibility, although it is not so active in social media. How to make it active? We first spent eight months to try to drain the water, and then accumulated a very real strong fans, real brand lovers. Coca-Cola is not a fan of the brand, we just try to find them. With this power, we communicate with them through social media through campaign activities, to express their love for the brand.

Is the

marketing case replicable?


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