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      yesterday opened the home page of the Alibaba, suddenly feel changed, it seems that he is open wrong? A closer look, yes, Ali’s home page has been based on customer needs, many times to adjust and change, then the Alibaba home page of the changes, in the end what is the purpose? The author analyzes the Alibaba has reached a massive amount of information, the other is B2B can not be compared to the level, both the supply and demand information or industry information and forum to exchange information, so the information from the point of view, in order to allow members can quickly find the required information, must be reasonable to sort out the information, or the amount of information a good will, without a clue, let members lost, will make valuable information becomes blind without value. Secondly, in order to meet the needs of different customers, Alibaba’s home page in urgent need of change? Ali home after the change, clearer, allowing Ali members according to their actual needs, quickly and accurately find their required products and services, theme ideas or a large supply and demand information, and the information is divided into a large.

      analysis of Alibaba’s home page innovation, had to let the author to think about a problem, the website is to do the information or do the function? Analysis of the development path of Alibaba, we can find that the development of Alibaba is the first information, and then slowly increase the function, so it is the first sina.com.cn, there are a lot of news and information, and then the money on the development of many good features, but also some is the first function, and then have the information, such as Baidu the technology of website function, the first information is relatively weak, while the site itself is not the original information, but on the other web site information, just update and sorting and classification and sorting out the information. In fact, many of the site’s boss, because of the information and function and headache. The target will encounter this problem, the author’s website — money online is the main technology of the website, mainly to do network free online banking software, so relatively speaking, the information content is relatively small, from the process of development strategy and website, more is to consider the function, while ignoring the confidence, but the off-line members of the function of the usage and acceptance is relatively low, if money online has a lot of financial information of the original words, then a member of the recognition and support of the site rate is certainly higher than today, so the author with partners to do strategic analysis, always diverge, function and the information content value we two core, but at present there is not much consideration, but the development of relatively simple, so the development is relatively slow.

      network development to the present stage, as well as the development of the network from the point of view, the core value of a website is more information content, the technology is relatively small. Only after the information content of the site, there is a natural value, you can get the recognition and support of members, because members of a site’s recognition and support, more is the feeling

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