Cloud claw Station Group car service for micro business entrepreneurship effect show

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"Shanghai rose micro business entrepreneurial base" using Baidu PA screen marketing services 2 days there is a consultation volume!!!

lead: what extension allows customers to receive counseling in 2 days


we did

technology to deliver the goods at that time in 3 days, will be the key to 21 words, the first page 18; in addition, there are direct customers to find us to come to the consultation, the following is the screenshots and customer consultation dialogue screenshots:




Shanghai rose micro business base is a professional engaged in micro business start-up companies, has always been adhering to health care, honest and trustworthy, customer service, customer first business and service concept


signed Baidu screen marketing service in October 30th and at Shanghai Automation Technology Co., Rosa micro entrepreneurs base company hopes to screen marketing services at science and technology to improve its products and the company’s exposure, visibility, reputation and sales. In order to enhance the authority of the network coverage of the network marketing, products and services to bring more demand.

it is Baidu PA screen marketing services, an incredible promotion artifact! This effect, it has not touched you?

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