Ctrip push overseas free Wifi, network marketing is a price war to the user experience situation

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"China manufacturing" was once synonymous with cheap, in order to open the market, the price war is usually the preferred marketing mode of brand weakening period, simple and crude, but it is also fit the user appetite, lvzhanlvsheng. Tmall eleven, Taobao twelve double was the electric business price war with the most powerful war; fast and didi Ali Tencent huge subsidies to push mobile payments, is a powerful example of price war case.

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Chinese manufacturing" has already begun to seek high quality and innovation, the Internet industry price war a pioneer center, okay, back with this strategy is obviously inadequate, this year, Ali in the mobile Internet mobile phone Taobao launched the raging like a storm when it is a festival, the price itself is not the slogan "please free food and drink all attractive two, network marketing is user experience stage has been opened, the user shopping requirements increasing, and not simply a brutal price war to meet, of course, the mobile terminal at the early stage of development is also a major factor.

BAT have acquisitions, expanding business areas to prevent traffic loss

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last year and the year before, only in 2014, the Internet giant Tencent push changes: didi taxi, public comment stake, the acquisition of shares of the Jingdong, Jingdong, began to inject fast and easy network launched the "Jingdong" fusion of Ali investment channel; fast taxi software shares, Bai Cheng, culture Chinese; Baidu CEO Robin Li had that will achieve business growth through more acquisitions this year.

from the old feudal era, the Emperor Ming Jun Yong Jun is reduced to many because of the loss of power after death, all people, regardless of alchemy, to fruition, the higher the seat and most likely to be afraid of insurance status is not solid, happiness is more is those who are penniless, less worried about the grassroots. Network giant has stood at the forefront of the times, but still have to work hard to acquire, integrate, expand their business, want to retain every customer: anything you need, I can provide you with. To prevent user traffic lost can be understood, but now the price war has made forward network marketing brand after forming key links, as early as the bias of user experience.

Ctrip push overseas free Wifi, network marketing heavy user experience into a trend

travel service itself to the requirements of the user experience is much higher than other industries, Ctrip recently announced that from March this year to provide free Wifi service, tuniu network also said upgrades to the "cattle wireless Wifi service. Tourism traffic became the tourists roaming charges of "vampire", Ctrip, the way cattle push up by the leader to provide free Wifi service, certainly not in the user experience with the punchline.

e-businessmen giants field territory has been basically perfect, it should not only started a price war, forget the rampant fakes, advertising and marketing on the face is booming, but often experience lining water, ignored.

BAT in recent years in the acquisition, investment, integration is not playing >

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