Crazy crazy fountain, thread, confusion of human nature

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      Henan 19 year old female college student Li Mei (a pseudonym) last summer in Xixia County, a square play, music fountain in the vagina, intestines thrust. After discharge Li Mei Xixia County Construction Bureau to court, claims 189 thousand yuan. August 17th this year, the court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to compensate 27570 yuan. Yesterday, Li Mei appealed against the verdict.

      when I opened the news, was surprised to find that the system shows that there are 1859 comments for this news. So I am curious place open comment page, thought out of common humanitarian concern, even if you not comfort the unfortunate girl suffered huge change suddenly, wouldn’t laugh at her sarcasm.

      glanced over 58 pages with letter, I Lu Xun the famous remark of Lu Xun’s great is that he is "not bad vibs speculation Chinese"? In the fierce and harsh reality, and I finally bowed his head. According to my eye is seventy or eighty per cent (above the exact proportion even this) was teasing the placard, mocking make fun of the little girl, the vulgar vulgar language, is not fit to be seen, degrading the audio-visual. In the context of the joke, it is the most objective personal attack.

      "Crazy" fountain, near the scourge, although it may be man-made, but after the catastrophe, the fever after the news thread, such as a huge microscope, at least the malicious attacks Li Meihe crazy booing the placard that confused the ugly human nature, clearly greater than the world. Some people in the network can be irresponsible to revel the illusion, lost in the booing and campaign, disregard basic human conscience and humanity bottom line.

      but as a normal person, I am not willing to believe the quality of people really have low to gloat, fall, salt the wound point. Please allow me to use "the worst evil to guess the Chinese", because I really don’t want to believe it’s true.

      will not have such a possibility, this is the thread heckler, also have feelings of compassion. This is the case, only 19 year old girl had this good season cross made of Ecuador, the discerning eye can see, apparently for safety supervision and responsibility of the failure to remind Plaza management unit, Xixia County People’s court only allowed compensation for victims twenty thousand yuan.

      the Internet is not the thing like this and also when disgruntled, but how to call "justice" and finally, in some boring speech banter stimulation, emotional control gradually have the thread booing to vent their grievances, finally turn to a perverted twist out? Perhaps this >

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