Personal webmaster must remember the 10 key words

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the first key word: discovery, that is to be good at finding and discovering opportunities. Now or never, where are the opportunities? There is a saying in China, called "what is missing, what to fill", that is, what to see on the Internet, what we need today, what needs in the future.

second key words: measure, that is according to the accurate positioning of their own strength website. Limited funds, technology, personnel, and many other factors, personal site positioning, not large and full, and small and specialized, dedicated and refined, seize the key, focus on a point".

third key words: first, the site should have a competitive advantage, can be in a similar position in the leading position in the site. Technology has no advantage, I can do, others can do. Scale, there is no advantage, there is no strong financial support, it is difficult to do much in a short time. The only advantage is that the site manager. Web site can be reproduced in a short period of time, but a person’s experience, experience, ability, ideas, ways of thinking, social relations can not be copied, talent can not be copied. To believe in yourself, can do a good job, good management, good management.

fourth key words: unique, that is, the site must have innovation, different, only charm.

fifth key words: profit, is to have a stable and reliable website profit model.

sixth key words: good faith, is the website information to be true and reliable, to ensure the authenticity of the content of the site.

Seventh Key words: win-win, is to be good at working with others, mutual benefit and common development.

eighth key words: long term, is the site of development should be sustainable, eager to avoid the short-term behavior. The relation between the mercy of site traffic, the number of articles, website quality, user experience four, adhere to the principle of quality first, they feel for the first goal, to do a long career development direction, do steady, step by step, step by step, phased, planned, steady development.

ninth key words: team. Is the development of the site to have a group of like-minded, strong complementary personnel.


tenth is persistent, do not be afraid of difficulties persist. In the course of the development of the website may encounter various difficulties, such as financial constraints, competition, hackers, and so on. But I believe that there is a kind of persistent spirit, there is no fear of courage, for innovation, dare to explore, dare to practice, and ultimately will be the development and success.

more than ten key words, is to become an indispensable business, but also as a personal website owners must think and do. I think, for individual webmaster, no matter what kind of a website, as long as you really realize "through" the connotation of these ten words, and really do that, well, then, everything, are likely to become the most likely possible.

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