Developers in the eyes of the public comment open platform want to welcome also refused

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after several months of preparation, the public comment officially announced the open platform ( This is known as the slow company Internet Co finally out of the first step in the open, began to open to local businesses third party information, the latest comments, concessions, buy and other content.

but how open? Whether can let developers is true or false? The development of open? A developer Tucao to Sina Technology depth after a detailed understanding of the open rules, sharing public comment open platform in his eyes. The following is the developer of oral, finishing to create things in mind.


public comment is a very primary open, open only four API, which are "search for businesses", "search group purchase" and "access to the specified group purchase information" and the core of the "specifies the latest business review".

1, buy no business model feedback developer

four API has a group of two and buy, looks like a lot of effort, but in fact there is no real significance, because there is no business model feedback developers. Is in accordance with the pay or pay in accordance with the ratio of what is it? If I develop a buy navigation applications, is not to comment on the mission with the flow of


2, search merchant API has the advantage, but not

API can search for businesses according to geographical location, business district, classification and keyword condition to obtain the business information list, although in the public comment on some of the advantages of business information, but is not obvious, and the side of the street, High German companies provide similar information.

public comment advantage is to have business evaluation star, products, environment, service and other information, but the richness of the data on the map software with professional shanggaode compared or slightly inferior.

3, the latest business review API

appearing nervous in public.

open the core of this than to get the latest review of the designated merchants API, which is the core of the public comment work accumulated over the years. In order to protect these data, the public comment made very strict restrictions.

first of all, the API was labeled as "advanced API" by the public comment, and it was necessary to apply to them alone. Released from the current partners, Gould, Evernote, Shanda, GM, Derek are big companies, usually the platform party will have a special care for big companies, for small developers can obtain authorization can make nothing of it.

second, API can only obtain the designated merchants latest three user reviews, but before the 50 word abstract, if the user wants to see the text must be two clicks to public comment for the official website to see, this is a very friendly setting for users, greatly affect the user experience.

third, the public comment user agreement so that developers do not. For example

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