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Jin Qiaoqiao "dinner door" inspired "dinner" website, accused of "online, immeasurably vast difference will be closed on July 30th," the website is to quit membership membership fee. "Energy-saving" website in April 7th this year due to hot actor Jin Qiaoqiao "dinner" incident. The person in charge of that huge business opportunities hidden in the dinner, we provide a platform not only beautiful star meals can make money, ordinary people can also eat money". So in the online business, female members only stars, models, airline stewardess and students, male members rich two generation of mainstream, beauty and many gold man can eat, but also to make money. A time to reach hundreds of registered members, the event caused great controversy in the community.

reporter learned yesterday that the site will be officially closed in July 30th. Yesterday, the reporter entered the site page, has been unable to open the site, only one page to write to a letter to the majority of visitors". The letter said, "dinner" website by the sustained attention of the media, have believed that the website will become "pimps", become "online, overnight the immeasurably vast difference" station became the focus of attention of the society, has become a source of the spread of vulgar culture, have adverse effects, the webmaster express my deep apologies to the whole society.

the responsible person, although there is no clear legal regulations prohibit paid to attend the dinner, but after all this behavior contrary to China conditions, so webmaster will decide on July 30, 2010 officially closed the station. In the meantime, the owners will refund the registration fee for the website registered users "in the end, the only thing we need to clarify is that during the site opened, no prostitution happens through this website, if this is not the case, the webmaster is willing to assume legal responsibility."

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in April 2010, it was an anonymous email in actor Jin Qiaoqiao broke the news, the lost mobile phone found in a content for the "Miss Kim, our boss is very love you, just want to eat a meal and you want to get along with you alone, we are not bad money, what price can be said, miss kim. How many can never haggle "message, which exposed some intermediary entertainment circle with" receive notice "or" advertising "password, contact actor, singer or female prostitution. Looking for a female star to accompany the dinner, seems to have become the entertainment "unspoken rule".

June 2010, the first disclosure of "dinner" discovered network reported that the network claims to "create the biggest China energy-saving portal", which caused enormous controversy.

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