Copyright awareness and regulatory efforts to strengthen the future of the film market is shrinking

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[IT Time editor] Nora fall, video industry chain downstream of the small and medium sized stations to become a realistic problem in front of. The author of this paper puts forward that with the strengthening of copyright awareness and supervision, the legalization of the video service industry will become a major trend MarkTwainS. Perhaps the author did not notice that the current video industry is highly competitive, such as Nora companies such as whether there is enough time to transition, wash white is not optimistic about the problem. It is certain that, with the strengthening of the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, the future of the film market shrinking or a foregone conclusion.


more than one hundred million users of the player, known as Indoorsman artifact broadcasting is facing bankruptcy. The day before the news that Nora technology limited number of serious suspicion of piracy, was fined 260 million yuan. Following the investigation of the public security organs stationed Nora, astronomical ticket will become the last straw overwhelmed nora.

gray zone business ecosystem

was established in 2007 with its own independent research and development of video on demand video technology, P2P technology and can support a variety of formats audio and video player, users become rich in the eyes of resources, fast play synonymous.

content is not provided as a technical service provider, our profit mainly includes three parts: one is to open the window advertising; two is the transport game to play, and developers into which advertising and games revenue each half; the three is the software bundled promotion, mainly for manufacturers including Baidu, Tencent, Sohu and Internet Co. High popularity has brought billions of dollars of revenue for our.

and video piracy and pornographic content has been questioned by Nora, Nora so-called seed scheduling approach, a large number of video seed set, plus a large number of pirated video site with online play way relay, in order to ensure that the playback and spread of pirated movies. As early as a year ago, law enforcement officers detained a broadcasting company server, identified by the relevant personnel, one of the servers in the opening half, found that there are more than 3 thousand pornographic videos.

rich resources hidden behind a complete gray industrial chain. Based on the principle of P2P service technology, the faster the number of participants, Nora has been open to the cooperation of the movie master, so many owners are willing to cooperate with nora. What is more, due to Nora web player can be embedded in any of the pages to support fast control of the page, and the page broadcast advertising rights completely belong to the movie station. So many sites use Nora technology, but did not cooperate with nora.

Nora vested interests that

stood behind Nora, a group started relying on Nora movie webmaster, it is understood that China is only rely on Nora pirated video content sites up to 10000, if a movie station to do 1 million UV daily (uniquevisito>

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