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1.Google Reader off who will be replaced by

July 2nd news, Google is regarded as the first social networking site RSS (simple information aggregation) subscription service Google Reader, yesterday will officially withdraw from the stage of history. Google announced the closure of the spring of this year, it means that the end of the traditional RSS product line path, as well as focusing on the choice of social reading applications such as Google+.

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2 inventory Baidu Google algorithm recently updated

July 3rd news, the first half of the 13 years has imperceptibly passed, in the second half of this time is over, I believe that Baidu algorithm update did not make the webmaster less to worry about! Today we have to sum up Baidu and Google algorithm updates which have.

first launched at the beginning of this year, Scindapsus algorithm. Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the sale of connection behavior, super chain intermediary, sell link website, buy links will be affected in different degrees. The introduction of the algorithm to effectively curb malicious exchange links, the behavior of the release of the chain, effectively purify the Internet ecosystem.

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3 Tencent Partner Conference for developers to plug in the wings of the dream

July 4th news, Tencent Partner Conference held yesterday at the Beijing National Convention Center, the theme of the conference and the future direction of the development of Tencent are very clear.

the conference open · change "as the theme, in addition to the" open · the main outside change "as the theme, will also set up a" QQ· open "," marketing &>

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