How to artificial intelligence, enterprise service startup break BAT Yishouzhetian situation

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note: This is the legend of the 2016 star WILL conference guests to share the selection, mainly around the artificial intelligence, consumer upgrades, entrepreneurial experience and business services related to the field of discussion. I hope they will inspire you.


technology driven business fear

Zhou Yuan (know almost CEO): over the past 35 years, the Internet products are basically rely on technology can continue to survive iteration. I think VR change time for at least three years later, we see a lot of the cost, one is the hardware cost is very high, on the other hand, there is a very lack of content from where, once the connection is completed, is actually a medium change, will be released from the contents of the new generation, the new contents have divided into two kinds, one is all the contents of the individual, now see all broadcast platform seem to offer a window you can do this thing. Second is a professional body in it, not only to provide content, but also provide professional services, this thing may be the need for a process.

Han Yusheng (burning stone medicine CEO): now the medicine has no way to put science and medicine are separated completely, which is why a medicine company wants to do well, there must be a laboratory, medicine, biology, biological medicine, IT, the five aspects of the collection of talent to a medicine the company can do together, as before we do drugs can understand basic drugs, medical equipment, hip replacement, and some may be similar to the biological materials can be. Precision medicine is a very complex multidisciplinary technology.

India Qi (founder of Face++): I think the future of artificial intelligence business, if this year or years of artificial intelligence companies still said he is a platform company or pure technology company, I think it is bullying". Artificial Intelligent Company must choose you to transform and upgrade the industry, will be linked with a strong industry. The industry is not particularly strong or novel, the traditional before, is generally not possible, because you choose the industry will be chosen large enough in the industry, the industry competition is as the Internet or artificial intelligence enterprise and traditional enterprise you have advantage in this competition, not necessarily is the fight we have a space for one person to fight at outrance.

narrow fear

Zhou Yuan (known as CEO): I think it is narrow, people will be at a certain stage is very narrow, from my biggest fear is that I do not know my narrow. I might have made some judgment. It turned out to be an afterthought. The greatest fear is not knowing who you are.

opportunity time window becomes shorter fear

India Qi (Face++ founder): Recently, half of my biggest fear is really for a startup.

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