Micro-blog reported $20.24 share price rose by 19.06%

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April 15th news, according to foreign media reports, Sina’s first trading day, micro-blog shares rose 19% to close at $20.24, intraday gains reached 44%. After the initial pricing is not high haze.

Sina micro-blog to end the first day of $20.24 transaction, making Sina’s market capitalization of more than $4 billion micro-blog. However, Sina micro-blog’s NASDAQ opening price of $16.27, lower than the issue price of $17.

Sina micro-blog is growing very fast, but the first quarter results showed a net loss of $47 million 400 thousand. Today, IPO raised $286 million, lower than expected. Issue price of $17 per share, fell to the lowest limit of $17 to $19 forecast, Sina micro-blog sold a total of 16 million 800 thousand shares, less than the expected 20 million.

despite the opening of the poor, but then the stock price rose sharply, hit a record high of $24.48, an increase of 44%. Total transaction volume of 33 million shares. It is worth mentioning that the issue in United States markets weaken, including Twitter company, its share price has fallen by 18% since the beginning of March.

last year, micro-blog’s sales of $188 million, a loss of $38 million in losses, but last year’s fourth quarter earnings of $22 million. Monday’s filing process, Sina micro-blog said 2014 quarter revenue of $67 million 500 thousand, an increase of $161%. But its quarterly losses also doubled to $47 million 400 thousand, in part because of a one-time $40 million related stock option fee.

Sina micro-blog’s first trading day for China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba listing provides some prying signal. Alibaba is a major shareholder of micro-blog. According to the prospectus, Alibaba owns 1/3 stake in micro-blog. Alibaba shares the purpose is to advertise to micro-blog users. The listing of Alibaba itself may be the largest ever IPO. In addition to Alibaba, China Internet Corporation will soon be listed in the United States, including the valuation of $1 billion 500 million Jingdong mall.

Sina micro-blog parent company, Sina has been trying to make its service commercialization, careful deployment of advertising platform. Like other social media services, it tries to seize the opportunity for mobile internet. Sina owns more than half of micro-blog’s shares, nearly 80% of the voting rights. Sina shares rose 6.7% on Thursday. (Chun Yang)

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