Tencent reflect electricity supplier open strategy how to make traffic more efficient

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Tencent electricity supplier holding CEO Wu Xiaoguang

2012 electricity supplier for Tencent: the first is to explore the changes of some frequent B2B2C QQ online shopping, then the acquisition of Yi Xun network "standard mode self + platform". One of the most important decision is announced in July last year, the introduction of open QQ online shopping businesses settled.

in the fast and easy network integration, the open policy continues: Tencent will open up the technical background and QQ online shopping easy fast this year, realize the unity of goods, orders, search, shopping cart, user and other aspects, then businesses can choose to open shop in front of the QQ online shopping, can also choose to supply at Yi Xun network background.

The internal meeting in good business advisory group Tencent business day before

, the Tencent of electricity holding CEO Wu Xiaoguang said that the Tencent of the electricity business logic is: B2C is an important trend, the standard category in a centralized trend, non standard category with an open platform with the combination of self providing high-quality user experience.

Tencent by electricity in the fast and easy net import standard category, to establish the logistics system, and through the data network optimization, and then settled through these attract non standard category of business, and help businesses reduce logistics costs and improve delivery experience, thus realizing the business strategy.

the road is not so easy, before Tmall open platform in a solid position, after the Jingdong, Dangdang, suning.com also spare no effort to catch up mode. In the standard category of profit margins due to the price war and shrinking hours, the larger the open space platform has become an important strategy for the B2C electricity supplier, each in a variety of incentives to attract businesses.

for Tencent electricity supplier, because the back of the Tencent this tree, the first lack of funds second no shortage of traffic, it seems to have a very bright future. But in the pattern of the electricity supplier industry, capital and traffic, how to become the core issue of Tencent need to solve the electricity supplier.

Wu Xiaoguang is aware of the problem. According to his introduction, in 2013 the most important electricity supplier Tencent work, the first is to build logistics. In his view, the future who does not have the logistics capacity in the electricity supplier industry is not competitive. The Tencent invested $1 billion to do electricity supplier, so that the electricity supplier to invest in Tencent greater commitment to the construction of logistics infrastructure, to help businesses reduce costs to improve the experience.

second important work is how to build an ecosystem to make traffic more efficient. Wu Xiaoguang admitted that the face of the massive flow of Tencent, there is a feeling of embarrassment, because I do not know how to match users and businesses. But last year, through the community advertising system began to explore, the purpose of this advertising system is not to make money, but more accurate and effective distribution of Tencent traffic.

and other electricity providers are not the same, both Tencent electricity supplier and community, which means that the upstream and downstream data can be exchanged, we can optimize, so as to give a reasonable business

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