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website marketing model

Preliminary mapping of

website: the cosmetics website as a marketing platform, rather than the cosmetics cosmetics enterprise website; network as a third party website, the main marketing products of a company, which is more conducive to sales.


site name: XXX makeup products.


marketing model structure:

cosmetics e-commerce website + shop (Taobao, eBay, PAT) + blog (NetEase blog, Sina blog, Sohu blog).

core marketing operation model

user membership:

Although the

membership system is obsolete, it is the core part of a marketing website, which is the link between the website and the members. The successful operation of the membership system is a criterion to test the success of a marketing website. From the angle of system design member: Web2.0 active users, enhance interaction, incentive consumption, user adhesion.

1, user initiative: let the user experience is very natural, very free, users can browse the product, and to express their views and comments on the product.

2, user interaction: on the site to set up a new column to provide communication between users, to explore, recommend a good maintenance method, the effect of a good cosmetic.

3, user motivation: the site set up an integral system, the user can be used as a criterion for all the behavior of the site. Such as: user comments on the product, take the initiative to share their own maintenance methods to other users, to buy products, etc.. Points can bring benefits to the user: the division of membership levels, special festivals enjoy preferential or special offers, discounts, gifts, etc..

product structure optimization:

1, product display friendly and comprehensive: the product friendly, comprehensive, clear display to the user, to the user before leaving a good first impression. Cosmetics website because of its product system, thus causing the site overall feeling upset. Now we will be divided into a detailed system of products, that is, the detailed classification of products, each series below the number of products /

2, product display to the user oriented: all the products open, according to the user’s target group, which is user oriented, allowing users to find their own products for the first time.

3, product display intelligence: additional products and knowledge search box, user-friendly.

cosmetics industry product analysis

the entire cosmetics industry, according to the production of products can be divided into five categories:

1, bath category: shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, etc.;

2, skin care category: toner, lotion, hand cream, eye cream, etc.;


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