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      you webmaster and promotion personnel to see my website promotion experience, can find your own shadow:

      1, do everything possible to find the mass software, and even money to buy what the Almighty marketing assistant, QQ forum, Taobao group, group, prosperous merchants, and so on Post Bar parrots (now there are 100 machine a variety of bulk software), day and night group, but often open traffic statistics, always very disappointed.

      2, learning SEO, read a lot of articles SEO, harvest is there, but it takes a long time to practice, and soon can not stand down.

      3, just for Baidu’s collection and excitement, the second day can no longer find his shadow in Baidu.

      4, to the forum issued soft Wen, in fact, can’t write out how much good soft Wen, just copy people, the web site for a change, change soup, the effect can be imagined.

      5, and then moved to the blog marketing, Baidu space, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, where have my blog to see some publicity, but the effect of energy is limited, it is a good method to bring people two or three people, but I also quickly disabled, no other time to do the content of the web site.

      finally, I chose to return to Baidu, from Baidu space marketing research to Post Bar a month of unremitting struggle, from the Post Bar propaganda site closure to IP blocked, I included in Baidu site do IP2000, pv5000 for the use of Post Bar zero, I can be very clear tell you, in addition to Baidu by SEO, and bring the true flow the other way for your site.

      Post Bar is very worthy of study for each stationmaster, some of the Post Bar online promotion of the article, but actually say goes without saying, I have tried all the methods, such as transform URL method, the URL of the URL code conversion, crazy brush stick stick, the effect is very limited, palliatives, not long promotion.

      I want to tell you, for an hour every day, can let you flow easily stable at around 1000 (of course, pre need some planning and preparations), if you want to do 10000 a day from Post Bar flow is not difficult, as long as spend more time, but we do not recommend a simple in order to flow and ranking to do, it is important to combine the nature of your site to do, the guide from the Post Bar flow into your loyal users is the hard truth.


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