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twenty-first Century, the mobile Internet era is coming, since the rise of the media, red net economic speculation a flood like a raging fire, a get out of hand. As early as the rise of the blog, "the limelight without the two, particularly after the horizon. The forum and community, a large army of lurking everywhere, KOL. There are always some brands, out of new products, you will find the people talking about everywhere. In fact, this is often the Navy launched. After micro-blog, this marketing is more prevalent.


to WeChat, this marketing approach to the peak. However, most praised. In accordance with the social dividend argument, the use of social networks to spread, the speed is very fast, money is also less, like the face Meng, footprints, surrounded by nervous cat. But in the end did not get too much effect, why is it?

can be said that the market of students, especially for Internet Co, all kinds of hot marketing, are enthusiastic. People have inertia thinking, over time, many students think that MKT is to do new media, engage in event marketing, digital communication. The truth is not so simple.

my boss is a very clever man, who was responsible for the early WeChat entire overseas market, ask some of the problems in the market again, he believes that the market should be from the overall consideration, all things should focus on strategy to promote. This sentence is very simple, but it is very correct.

today, we talk about this issue, the monthly salary of one hundred thousand and a monthly salary of thirty thousand of the difference between the marketing director


in general, the Internet Co often small market, small and fast, see reuse households and ROI; Department of general set promotion, BD, new media, copywriting, brand PR; center is often placed in the promotion department and BD. The traditional market is bigger, bigger and slower, and sales value and brand influence; the Department is generally set up channel sales, marketing activities, copy planning, brand public relations. Focus on channel sales and brand pr. To find out the difference between the monthly salary of one hundred thousand and a monthly salary of the director of the market where we first find out the purpose of marketing for the purpose of the thirty thousand.

calling, social marketing, new media.


The purpose of


marketing is a series of activities, processes and systems that create value for customers, customers, partners, and society as a whole in the creation, communication, dissemination and exchange of products. (the definition in July 2013 by the American Marketing Association Board of directors consistent audit) means mainly includes product innovation, channel construction, marketing activities, advertising media, brand public relations, value-added services and other six modules.

The essence of

marketing: to meet customer needs.


is the main work of the market

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