Baidu reported that the number of domestic APP resources close to the number of sites in 2004

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March 27th news, Baidu today released a mobile search application industry report, the report said mobile application distribution market is developing rapidly, the Android market application during the first half of 2012 the number increased by 80%, the number of domestic APP resources in 2004 has been close to the number of sites. Followed by the contradiction between supply and demand of users and developers to highlight contradictions.


The application of

Android market growth of 80% (half number of Tencent technology plan)


The number of

in 2013 to 2004 the number of mobile applications PC website (Tencent technology plan)


said, with the growth of mobile APP application, greatly enhance the value of the search, the search industry reserves mature, but limited to the technical threshold, the search function is the core application of search technology, which is based on user active search and recommend the most suitable APP.


The application of

search is a web search extension (Tencent technology plan)


Comparison of the growth rate of

Android and APP terminal scale search volume (Tencent technology plan)

Baidu believes that the application of search is a web search service, as a supplement to the APP, to meet the user’s content directly recommended to the user, technical ability is a key to search application experience, the application of search and natural language search technology breakthrough will be based on the booster of rapid development of the industry.

future application of search technology for active search demand directly recommended application content, reducing user threshold, based on natural language search technology can make user application search as personal assistant.

data show that the application of search means to grab the APP information form and function, through a certain algorithm, the most close to the user demand content and content directly recommended to a user of the service, the goal is to break the APP housing restrictions, like search web search for APP.

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