Light select the domain name space and drift race

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article analyzes people family website, the next step is to prepare the domain name of the website and the work space.

domain name

1 domain name length

domain name we all know, the domain name is certainly the shorter the better, short domain name is easier to remember, for more repeat customers.

2 domain name suffix

domain name, which is more common, of which.Com is the most common, but also the most common domain name suffix. The North drift family website domain name preferred.Com,, finally.Cn.

Two aspects of

above, the selected domain name domain name began to drift north, is certainly no hope, direct PASS, I checked out at, you can register to be registered, and that made me excited, looking at the domain name is too long. I have tried look, let me excited, can be registered, this is also very good, the North drift family spelling + initials, suffix or.Com so I hurried to register down, and then find friends directly online banking to pay fees. belongs to me.

domain name now, the next step is to space, I asked a lot of friends, how to choose the space, we all know that Baidu has punished the host said, if you buy the space host most of the sites are not included words, that’s not good, his stand is likely to get involved, so choose the space quality, promotion of the site there is a little influence of.

select space to pay attention to the problem:

first space to provide the company’s qualifications: the bottom of the site whether there is a copy of the ICP filing, or other domestic recognition of the certificate.

second, take a look at the official website of the space provider, to see the pages of his website and LOGO is not very rough, regular companies should have a good page and LOGO.

is the bottom of the contact, is not complete.

the most important point, ask the webmaster group, which look at the company’s space is better, or after the election of the right to seek advice.

know these, listen to a push friends say the space Yanhuang is also good, go to their website to look, I feel really good, but also to customer service, then choose a 2G space, can be divided into two catalogues, is a master of a migrant worker in Beijing Beijing forum. This open space.

to the present, the domain name and space issues are resolved, the next step is to prepare the site.

information: light, drift.

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