Gome online 1 million 700 thousand yuan BMW wrong mark into $170 thousand

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United States online sales BMW luxury car set oolong, originally 1 million 700 thousand yuan of BMW, but was labeled as a $170 thousand cabbage price sales, in just a few hours to sell more than and 10. Thought to buy a cheap consumer, the United States canceled online transactions and refund. In this regard, consumer dissatisfaction, claim damages. The lawyers also have different views, some people think this constitutes a major misunderstanding, some people think that electricity supplier promotion is the norm, there is no major misunderstanding suspects.

Oolong: "when nothing happened,"

yesterday, Ms. Zhang told reporters in Guangdong, Zhongshan, the whole process of the incident. December 13th early in the morning, she received a friend’s phone, saying that the United States has a home BMW 4S shop does not know whether to engage in promotions or how, a BMW 550IXDIRVE sold 170 thousand yuan. Log on to see the relevant page, the seller called Beijing Po line 4S shop, it is 170 thousand yuan. Just the family planned to buy her without hesitation. After full payment of 170 thousand yuan of money, check to know this car market price in 1 million 700 thousand yuan, when Miss Zhang was very happy.

"businesses can delivery? Will not lie say they don’t give me the wrong price? I also worry about it."

did not have two days, really received a phone call from Beijing. 4S shop is called, said to be the wrong price, and is willing to refund and apologize to her, we will be when nothing happened".

"of course I don’t accept that I shouldn’t pay for your wrong behavior." Ms. Zhang said.

The United States

reaction: let customers "trust" make no reply to cancel the order

Zhang said, in December 17th, she received a business phone, the other said, "we had a good discussion, we are sending you a large gift to express our apology, this package is a BMW bag." In this regard, she said not to accept.

in December 19th, she called the United States and the United States on the artificial telephone complaints, the staff said, will be dealt with as soon as possible, let her rest assured. Did not expect the afternoon to the background view, the order was canceled. It made her angry.

electricity supplier management, the most important thing is to speak good faith. The merchant marked the wrong price, with consumers to actively negotiate, should not be forced to cancel the order, this power is diandaqike practice overlord." Ms. Zhang said.

Ms. Zhang said that he saw the Internet similar to other Tmall [micro-blog] and other platforms to deal with the wrong price to know, this situation has occurred before. Tmall has a clear requirement for the wrong price of the business, if you refuse to ship, it is necessary to compensate the loss of 30% of consumers, that is, $51 thousand.

another flower 170 thousand yuan to buy BMW consumers yesterday also said that businesses do not agree to unilaterally cancel the trading practices, this is an obvious breach. If the other party does not perform or compensate for the losses, and businesses will be in court. >

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