Sina micro-blog WeChat share to cancel the application treasure from Alipay home page from the list

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shield WeChat continued: Tencent application treasure from the home page Alipay recommended list from

Beijing News cartography / Zhang Yan

Beijing News (reporter Lin Qiling) Ma Huateng of the Tencent and Alibaba Ma Taiwan hand holding "insurance business", the audience is tit for tat. November 1st, WeChat blocked Alibaba’s instant messaging software". November 22nd, Taobao mobile phone shielding WeChat. To yesterday, Alibaba and Tencent’s products are mutually blocked situation continues.

Ali said WeChat unsafe

last weekend, Ali officially closed the WeChat jump to Taobao goods and stores channel. When the user clicks on WeChat Taobao related links, will enter the mobile phone Taobao installation page. Ali said that this is because WeChat Taobao unsafe, there are loopholes.

in this regard, Tencent official responded that, WeChat, easy letter, Line, including Ali’s own production and communication, the industry will be the community of each communication class App users have published links. Taobao this mandatory ban practice, hurt the user’s communication experience, regrettable.

giant dispute open


shield WeChat is the industry that is Ali of WeChat blocked from "retaliate" move.


mobile Internet era, WeChat won the first Tencent rely on mobile Internet tickets, e-commerce business will be imported, and launched the WeChat payment". This means that WeChat will be the first to be able to conduct a closed loop business platform, which moved into the territory originally belonged to Ali territory.

this, Ali certainly can not sit idly by. In July this year, Alibaba shield WeChat marketing data interface. A month later, Taobao announced that it will be able to fully shield the chain of other online shopping platform two-dimensional code picture, which is a pointer to WeChat.

Ma had said, with WeChat to promote the class application at all costs". In November 1st this year, WeChat and take out automatic shielding, "artificial lift protection", then to "dark room", until the final closure of the user interface to share.

According to

reporter yesterday, Ali investment part of the company, such as Sina and micro-blog to share small shrimp, WeChat button has been canceled. Tencent application treasure will also be removed from the home page Alipay recommended list, the battle group continues to expand.

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