Porn domain stolen new news has been transferred to the Moniker platform

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renamed China ( August 8th hearing, the domain name is after, second stolen heavyweight porn domain, before the MXN Limited company has filed a complaint to the WIPO requirements, retake the domain name. Today, according to the latest news overseas media, domain name is being restored, and has been transferred to the domain name registration management platform Moniker.

map: domain name whois information

porn domain is MXN Limited, in 2007 to spend $9 million 500 thousand acquisition of high prices. About a week ago, the company found the domain name, was quietly transferred to a registered management platform in Russia, for which MXN Limited to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) complaint, request to retrieve stolen domain name.

, according to MXN Limited, said that in any case will not be considered by paying any ransom or settlement costs, in order to obtain its due property. Currently, MXN Limited’s lawyer team has been in VeriSign (Wei Ruixin) with the assistance of the domain name transfer to the United States Moniker domain name registration management platform.

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