Jiangsu destroyed large children porn website member more than 90 thousand

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after 3 months of tracking investigation, Xuzhou police took out a special dissemination of pornographic videos and pornographic pornographic websites. This is a large pornographic sites, only more than 90 thousand members, the total number of posts about 45000. At present, the 3 suspects have xingju. The police said that since this year’s "anti pornography net net 2014 special action, cracked the country’s first use of porn sites spread pornographic videos and pictures of children cases.

Modern Express reporter Li Weihao


police found a child pornography website

in February this year, the Xuzhou Public Security Bureau internet police brigade Quanshan patrol found online at the time, a youyou resource network pornographic website, the website is not only a large number of children involved in pornographic pictures, there are a lot of video, wide spread, many members, bad influence.

after investigation, the site’s physical address in the United States, but a QQ called half step vicissitudes of life in the QQ group is very active. "It is likely that the site administrator." Police on the half step vicissitudes of tight monitoring, and try to verify their identity found that this half step vicissitudes of life was actually Xuzhou.

police immediately report to the leadership of the Public Security Bureau Quanshan incident, a task force composed of police brigade and police station set up jiahe.

police found that this is called half step vicissitudes of the net friend, in fact, Fengxian County Liu, Liu and the Department of the Department of the pornographic website administrator.


site suddenly shut down, the administrator disappeared

police in preparation for the implementation of the arrest, the site was suddenly closed. This is the police unexpected case investigation, back to the origin. In the course of the investigation, the suspect found what?

half a month later, the police task force was surprised to find a website with a similar and child pornography sites, Ligu ". After technical analysis, the police determined that the site is the continuation of Pediatrics resources network. The police found in the tracking process, the cunning criminal suspects repeatedly shut down, replacing the site name and domain name has to rescue angel "and" Ligu. "" I love you you "" I love UU "domain name on the internet.

task force police through the information search and monitoring found that a girl named sister, and half step vicissitudes (Liu) conducted a lot of interaction. After investigation, the girl sister is Sichuan people. At the same time, the police also got Ryu is currently hiding information in Nanjing.

May 13th, the police task force in Jiahe police station under the leadership of You Jizhong, after Sichuan Panzhihua, the day after a week, the local police assistance, finally clear the "girl" identity. Let the task force is below the glasses, girl sister is actually a 29 year old man ma. >

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