Look at the three letter domain name from the hqb.com domain name

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on information from all walks of life behind the scenes, sometimes nothing else on the micro-blog know the latest things before I found a "buy domain name" on micro-blog, the publisher or the vice president Gong Wenxiang, which had an online, and pay more attention to our Lord Gong Wenxiang to buy the domain name HQB.com is so high-profile, but also it is a new industry, at the same time, the writer pay more attention to the three letter domain name dynamic.

DJ series three letter domain name dje.com


The 26 letter of

is very wide in the domain name in the application, often seen as some Pinyin abbreviations and English words abbreviations, the main reason is that these letters domain is simple and easy to remember, the first time the subconscious will enable the user to remember it, some of the three letter domain name value is quite good, especially the overseas three letter domain state better, three letters the domain name dje.com can be seen as the DJ series of domain name, the domain name value rising, sold 300 thousand yuan price, the DJX.com domain name as the DJ music game show great possibility.

NBA similar letter domain name NBB.com


NBA similar to the three letter domain name NBB.com to about $95000 before the transaction of about $600 thousand, visible, the potential value of this NBB.com domain high commercial value, the domain name registered in August 25, 1996, dating back to 15 years. NBB is English acronym, translated as "the American occupation basketball association; bank; Basketball Association", can also be a Pinyin abbreviation "warm baby; female bodyguard", the application range is very large, many websites with domain name NBB.

Shanda cool Ge Binbin optimistic about the three word domain name market


Ge Binbin also has its own set of views in the domain of investment on the road, especially in favor of three letter names, earlier in the overseas purchase DJX.com, YZG.com, BZT.com platform and ZDJ.com three letter names, although the three letter domain name has not been enabled, but from the repeated purchase letter behavior, three letter domain name application potential the big market.

Three letters on the

terminal also has application prospects


three letter domain names currently used in the domestic market there are many, such as New Oriental Education Group to enable XDF.cn, XDF these three letters, the first letter "Xindongfang" in pinyin, New Oriental is also the first domain name domain name strategy for publicity, press conference at the start date of the domain name big, achieve good benefits, currently in use XDF.com domain name has a station, other suffixes have been registered. < >

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