CNZZ webmaster statistics on the new line easy to achieve site optimization

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website optimization, especially for the search engine keywords SEO, is every webmaster in thinking or continuing to explore the topic of practice. However, the foundation of the site optimization is the site of the micro data of objective statistics, presentation and the depth of excavation, as the independent third party data statistical analysis technology service provider CNZZ, in caring for the webmaster after four years of service, announced before the webmaster statistics new version of the line, and will continue to provide free services to the millions of owners on strengthening the site optimization and data statistical data mining function value, make the Internet more healthy growth China.


CNZZ said Ms. Zhang Zhiqiang: the CNZZ webmaster statistics new version, not only the redesign of the UI product, the user experience interface more humane, but also in the statistical data analysis and presentation, more precise, accurate and real-time data service, statistical indicators on the basis of the original cumulative increase of more than 30 is the most authoritative, has products in the domestic market webmaster statistics service. Of course, this new revision, cannot do without CNZZ many data areas top architects, program experts, analysis of joint efforts of experts and designers, long-term support and trust cannot do without the user’s daily about 600000 webmaster.

So how to use the

version of the CNZZ webmaster statistics, easy site optimization, then below small by a legend the statistical function of several new CNZZ pick station analysis:

a, CNZZ webmaster statistics in the new version of the statistical overview index


through the statistics index CNZZ webmaster statistics in the new version, general webmaster can clearly view the daily users of the site, can be analyzed from three angles of PV, IP, unique visitors, from a macro point of view your site every user is in good growth.

two, CNZZ webmaster statistics in the new version of the 24 hour flow trend indicator


through the CNZZ webmaster statistics in the new version 24 hour flow trend, the webmaster can clearly understand users access to your site is the main group visit the site at what time, the significance of this period of data distribution is to guide the Adsense website update time settings, such as user access before peak time comes, must do the content update.

three, CNZZ statistics in the new version of the respondents domain name source index


through the CNZZ webmaster statistics in the new version of the surveyed domain source index, the webmaster can know their site traffic access road through observation and analysis of antecedents, one can strengthen the guidance and traffic sources site cooperation, on the other hand, you can view the user loyalty.

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