The essence of the circle of friends to help others is to help themselves

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as everyone knows, the business is based on the equivalent exchange, since ancient times are so, but since the emergence of electronic commerce, looks like a little change, of course, was essentially the same, but the expression is not the same, this talk is not to talk about the main electricity supplier, WeChat marketing circle of friends.

me do a lot of self-employed business friends, people often ask how to do business on the Internet, how Taobao shop, WeChat marketing how to do so. I always try to avoid this topic, because I am also a rookie, still groping, can do is just give them a lot of books and some of my experience. In my opinion, thinking of using the Internet to do the self-employed is of course but thinking to do a tiger with wings added, the self-employed business, this is definitely the death rhythm, I was really afraid that one day will drag them, meet later did not face to greet.

entered, today mainly to the essence of all general marketing circle of friends in one sentence, there must be Overgeneralization

suspects, let me see you and Bozhuan. "To help others is to help yourself, the first time to hear not remember where, but the mapping is in four or five years ago to a big online lectures, ironically second years the squat Daniel JY, there should be a lot of people remember him, he is the antonym of Millet (hey, someone don’t remember). Then listen to this is no feeling, just say so much to remember, some I think is very useful when you have done what you should do, you also do things and your success is proportional to, it should be charged, approved to praise it.


said the marketing circle of friends is the essence of "helping others is to help yourself? Let us first talk about the Alibaba, Taobao, Tencent, 360; their cow not cow I do not have to say, but why are they so arrogant? Of course you can say that they are a genius, great God, good luck, alien help and so on, but I want to say is that if they do not help to the people, so that they will not succeed, the Alibaba so that the world is not difficult to do business, Taobao so many college students start their own businesses, QQ let all the people to achieve real-time chat, make up 360 Chinese free antivirus software (actually he turned rogue). If you hold the self-employed thinking to do, then you start to fail, just want to make money, often is not to earn money, consumers are not stupid, Baidu help you easily search information, but also the loss of his early, later found the bidding profit model, another perspective to help more people you from the more recent success.

had a boss said to me, you see, Jingdong is still losing money, I want to do the same, I want to change this electricity supplier model. I have Speechless, this station in the business point of course no problem, but is not used in the business so that the Jingdong does not make money, but he made a brand, a brand can gain good? Only the hearts of people more, the stage is not the same, I just want to say: "you think too much;" who dares to say that God carved sirloin is a failure, if Q>

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