Through the B2C on the hero Pat shoes network to build a new blue ocean

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e-commerce from sprouting up to now, the rapid development of e-commerce. However, the problems such as the lack of credit, imperfect service, short supply chain, and the lack of optimization of logistics system still exist, and are very serious. The reason why these reasons are the basic characteristics of e-commerce. So that China’s B2C e-commerce stagnation, has been unable to solve these obstacles hinder the development of China’s B2C e-commerce factors.

now, several e-commerce experts long-term research on electronic commerce market and operation analysis, the result is "making shoes" will solve the various factors will hinder e-commerce, B2C e-commerce in China to promote a new stage of development.

First of all,

shoe network to solve the problem of credit security limitations to the online mall based, supplemented by concurrent stores, there is a strong brand, geographical advantages, and have strong financial strength. Break through the credibility of the first bottleneck of B2C e-commerce in china. While making shoes by Alipay and PayPal (PayPal) appeared and three party payment means, the use of making shoes on the B2C platform, to alleviate some credit problems in a roundabout way, at the same time making shoes have also launched their own a set of theory and practical method to solve the problem of integrity fundamentally.

secondly, in the supply chain, the shoes have a network of their own supply chain, and always maintain the product category and variety provided by B2C businesses are far less than the advantages provided by C2C, while closely linked with the enterprise.

third, in the logistics system, take the shoe network to go their own way. Most of the B2C businesses in China have not established a long-term cooperative relationship with the third party logistics, lack of scale advantages, can not use information technology to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs. But the shoes and the best logistics network cooperation, not only to solve the problem of traditional logistics, while reducing logistics costs, improve efficiency, while the introduction of a variety of promotions. Always stand on the customer’s point of view to solve problems for customers, reduce costs for customers, allow customers to spend less money to buy better things.

finally, in terms of quality of service, the network of shoes to take the lead in the C2C advantage of B2C reflect incisively and vividly, assume the challenge of B2C e-commerce market to the traditional commercial market challenges.

If the

brand, integrity, logistics, supply chain integration, customer service service, regional procurement and other issues is hindering the development of China’s B2C e-commerce and B2C e-commerce in China is stagnant, so making shoes will be a new B2C e-commerce platform, not only with the advantages of B2C, but also the traditional large-scale enterprises enter. Only in this way can China’s B2C e-commerce from the existing bottleneck, to a new stage of development.

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