Look at the B2B business model from four types of websites

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economy and globalization and the popularity of the Internet makes the rapid development of e-commerce. The best way to get to know the world in a short time or let the world know itself is to log on to the internet. The open and interactive features of the Internet can not only ensure that the enterprise can find the information they need in the Internet, but also allow them to publish their own information or network management.

in a large number of e-commerce websites, B2B (business to business) the most rapid development of e-commerce sites. A variety of network e-commerce mode in the world wide web, hi hand enterprise network, American network, Alibaba and ABC network represented as being like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Traditional enterprises such as Haier, TCL, etc. also use their own advantages have invested heavily in e-commerce, to establish their own website, which is known as the second revolution of the enterprise. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, how the emerging e-commerce website for users as? How to make your own business through e-commerce website smoothly into the Internet world and realize the second revolution in their use of the Internet resources? We may wish to the electronic commerce website classification, investigation of their mode of operation, in order to make all kinds of websites and ordinary enterprises to understand their own strengths, identify their own position in the field of electronic commerce. In accordance with the business strategy and the different services to users, the B2B e-commerce sites can be divided into four categories:

first class, actively participate in the business activities of enterprises website, to hold the enterprise network and the network as the representative of american. In the pull in the site can not find corporate information, only the classification of goods. User transactions can only be mentioned by the seller and the buyer pull on the platform, the pull of the supply and demand sides can confirm the direct contact. Transactions only between registered users, so relatively closed. American network is a English website, mainly for overseas buyers, providing the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise supply information, and help domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in the international domain name registration and other paid services.

second, supply specialized products like the site, sub network as the representative. This website provides a selection of products, rather than exhaustive. This site is generally no free information release, user registration is relatively simple, it is also very important, do not charge fees, product categories concise and clear. As a sub network in the column of office supplies, office supplies, office furniture and other settings, very targeted.

third category, supermarket class website, represented by Alibaba. We are more familiar with Alibaba, it has a long time to carry out e-commerce, there are a lot of affiliate members, rich in content, covering almost all information from agriculture to the information industry products. The main focus is on information release, which is based on the initiative of the registered users. As for the basic transactions in the network.

fourth categories, is from the ASP (application service provider) developed e-commerce platform class website, which is the most powerful technology, the industry’s most concerned about a class. If you have a world wide web in just one month, there are 2000 companies registered to obtain >

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