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It is reported that sina

technology the afternoon of April 10th, Ali Institute released the "online industrial belt: Chinese manufacturing" empowerment report shows: at present there are a total of 142 online industrial belt and the professional market, the 101 industrial zones and the professional market is currently in 1688 online industrial belt open area covering 19 Baotuan landing provinces and regions of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, covering clothing, baby, digital, food, general merchandise, raw materials, machinery, packaging and other 16 industries. In 2013, China’s existing online industrial belt and the professional market of online transactions grew 318%, with China’s online industrial belt development continues to mature, is expected by the end of 2014 the number of national online industrial belt will reach 200.


industrial cluster is a prominent feature of China economy, in a specific region, focusing on production equipment, raw materials, materials, design, and other types of freight production centered on the upstream and downstream enterprises, the establishment of economic and technological cooperation circle closely, can effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, so that the regional industrial clusters economic competitive advantage. For example, Humen women, Nantong textile, Wenzhou footwear, Baoding bags, tea Wuxi, Shenzhen digital etc..

online industrial belt is the traditional industrial belt and the professional market as a map on the Internet and extend, it brings together manufacturers, distributors, buyers, consumers, government, Taobao third party service providers in a variety of roles, can help sellers improve competitiveness, can also help buyers directly to the origin of high-quality goods, thereby reducing the overall cost. So, Alibaba online industrial belt can really bring to China’s electricity supplier industry, first of all, the online industry has intensified the economic trend of online transactions in china. According to relevant reports show that China has become the world’s largest online retail market. With the retail network and A new force suddenly rises. mobile online shopping, online wholesale transactions between enterprises also ushered in the explosive growth. At the same time, because more than 90% of online sellers do not have factories, so the source of good goods to find origin, reduce the demand for middlemen is also increasingly strong. The emergence of the online industry belt, the realization of a large-scale regional business communication, which not only exacerbated the trend of China’s online transactions, but also the development of e-commerce in China as a sign of the overall upgrade.

secondly, the online industry to accelerate the speed of the traditional industrial belt e-commerce process. The age of the Internet, the traditional enterprise e-commerce flood carrying forward, move can only be eliminated quickly. Traditional sales model is in the vicinity of the industrial clusters to build a professional wholesale market, but in the impact of the Internet, the wholesale market gradually narrow the scope of radiation, slowing growth. At the same time, the impact of the international financial crisis, many domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises reduced orders, OEM processing enterprises in the non brand channel without difficulties, and the high cost of transformation of the real sales. Therefore, the music website anchor believes that the online industry with the traditional wholesale market is not only to provide a more convenient exclusive business platform, but also for manufacturing enterprises through the electricity supplier channel >

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