Beijing cracked the site extortion case first black site and then cable maintenance costs

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to buy the hacker software, the first attack on the company’s website lead to paralysis, and then ask the other side for maintenance, easy to attack on a number of sites by this means, extortion income of several million.

April 26th morning, reporter learned from Xuanwu branch, Xuanwu Public Security Bureau to strengthen the fight against cybercrime, by means of technology of online investigation, the implementation of inter provincial investigation, eventually arrested the suspect Yi Mou, confiscated proceeds of 5000 yuan, involving bank cards, mobile phone, computer and other tools of crime.

March 11th, Xuanwu police received "the On-Line Company" staff report said, in March 1st, the On-Line Company staff found that the company’s website is the network attack, a website, company website can not be opened, then the On-Line Company received SMS suspects said: "to resolve the matter to the remittance 30 thousand yuan, otherwise continue to attack"; the On-Line Company after many other technical precautions, no defense network attacks, was forced to suspect on March 4th in accordance with the requirements of the Xuanwu District Maliandao commercial bank in remitted to the other 30 thousand yuan; in March 11th, the suspect again for a cyber attack in On-Line Company.

Xuanwu police after investigation, the suspects were found in Hunan province Changsha City, then to Changsha City Public Security Bureau informed the investigation, investigators in April 1st Changsha rushed to the city to start detective work.

investigators after 3 days of continuous Dunshou dispatched, in April 7th 16 PM, the car down 1 men. The investigators interrogated the man immediately seized the crime employment line card 1 spot from the people, the mobile phone 1.

the man surnamed Yi, 39 years old, after a review of an account is easy, since the beginning of March 2009, he joined in a (fugitive), buy a lot of chicken on the Internet "(by the hacker software control computer)," DDOS attack "and other crime tools, using computer on the Internet at the dawn of the road Changsha city" living museum "in a room, has attacked the" in the online business "," Fuwa "and other 7 sites, a total of 85200 yuan of blackmail and impose exactions on.

according to an account of the clues, investigators confiscated proceeds of 5000 yuan, involving bank cards, mobile phone, computer and other criminal activities.

at present, Yi has been escorted back to Beijing, and the Xuanwu branch of criminal detention, the Xuanwu and Hunan police joint involved fugitive arrest.

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