Localization marketing to make personal webmaster go farther

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how to make personal webmaster go farther, this is a lot of webmaster always want to know. The seven line of view, in order to succeed in business you must first of all essential: Patience + perseverance, the 2 to meet you on the successful half of the business. So how can we make ourselves go further in the process of entrepreneurship, the following seven lines on my road to entrepreneurship = local marketing

1, the complex form of the Internet how we look at

domestic Internet matures, many search engine mechanism has been perfect, the field has been gradually saturated, sea fishing gold, personal webmaster has gradually become powerless. From the promotion to the profit time is relatively long, so that many of the comrades of the Internet away from us. Personal webmaster bleak.

seven line that, when, people will have a competition, survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest. Most of the current personal owners are facing the financial impact of the enterprise, the introduction of the major platforms to implement charging mode, a variety of ways to strictly control the promotion, delete posts, sealing paste is not uncommon. Website ranking can not bring real traffic, natural optimization after a large discount. Baidu bid sacrifice a small part of the customer experience so that more traffic to the point of view, do not see a way out of SEO, even if the site ranked first and ninth.

in the face of this situation, individual stationmaster shrink is normal, "money" promotion will gradually become the norm, as the individual owners of the US, in the absence of more sources of economic support, without the support of better technology, we how to deal with, is going to stay? We have become the very serious topic

2, jump out of the competition area to reduce start-up costs

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seven for that network competition in various fields, most of the main market segments in the various regions of the capital, the developed city, all walks of life, all kinds of goods together, to promote competition of natural increase in the difficulty, on the other hand, in the increasingly prosperous society also led to the development of cities and towns, so we should focus on 2013 cities, in the local, make their escape money for promotion of the cycle. Let yourself for a quick first pot of gold, the main bidding will less than


3, do local marketing, life service led

a lot of webmaster will think, I do localization of goods, or business promotion, but still difficult to survive. Analysis of the problem seven, fought in the region should first consider the ability of market demand in the region, the area of purchasing power, how to look at the problem fundamentally, we can search the area through the Baidu index industry word search volume to determine the market purchasing power and heat.

seven lines suggested that individual webmaster do local platform, should focus on local life services, the forum is the best choice for you. There are three reasons:

1, personal webmaster can not support the portal huge news source

2, personal webmaster can not get the price advantage of the sale of goods

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