Adsense network broadcast Ali mango station joint acquisition of PPTV Taobao introduced new deal

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1 user system upgrade Baidu webmaster platform user management functions on-line

webmaster network ( August 14th news, today Baidu webmaster platform user management functions on the line. Specific features are as follows:

site administrator:

is pleased to announce that Baidu Webmaster Platform user management function on the line, when you successfully verify the site in Webmaster Platform, can obtain the site management rights, become the site owner, the website owner can set the senior administrator for the website, through the rational allocation of rights, to help owners better operation site.


2 Taobao introduced new restrictions on cheap drainage platform said no intention to kill shopping guide website

August 14th news, Taobao today announced its new policy for third party drainage platform. The new deal shows that Taobao (not involving Tmall) will be more severe for 800 fold and three bustling bargains platform to take measures. This means that the micro-blog rumors that Taobao will to kill off 800, nine pieces of similar post, and other non normal trading platform that external news.

had news that Taobao and Tmall will be banned similar fold 800, nine mail, and other non normal trading platform, Taobao will use all of this year’s harsh measures to punish businesses.


3 pass Ali joint Hunan TV acquisition PPTV PPTV executives said not fly


technology news August 14th afternoon news, for today there are rumors that the Alibaba and Hunan satellite TV, a combined $400 million acquisition of PPTV news, PPTV executives said "not reliable", and the Alibaba will not comment.

after Sina technology had learned that the Alibaba and the PPTV negotiations nearing the end, may soon be announced immediately, but there are people close to the top of the PPTV said that the PPTV deal at least until the end of August will be clear.

today there are rumors that, because of the lack of funds and Alibaba Hunan satellite TV and PPTV has been in contact, so the final result is the joint acquisition of Alibaba and Hunan satellite tv.


4 street network CEO Wang Xiujuan: social occupation into the outbreak period

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