The United States Amazon then the new tactics against scalping only a week to submit 5 evaluation

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Amazon is still on its commodity evaluation system reform, after the removal of a large number of incentive evaluation, the electricity supplier giant intends to submit a number of customers within a week to limit the evaluation of 5.


part of the customer has received notification of the relevant e-mail, Amazon’s community guidelines have been updated, as follows:

customers in the same seller of the same commodity shall not submit multiple evaluation.

customers can only submit 5 weekly non Amazon purchase evaluation of books, music and video evaluation of these three categories of goods is not limited by this rule.

called "non Amazon purchase", that is, the evaluation of customers in the Amazon did not buy the product records. In other words, if you buy ten different items in the Amazon, you can still submit a total of 10 evaluations within a week.


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Amazon believes that in view of the value of goods in the customer’s purchase decision plays an important role, it is necessary to ensure that these evaluations are true and reliable.

Amazon move is also evident in recent years, a large number of brush praise phenomenon related. To this end, the company from the beginning of October, a large number of users through the removal of a reward.

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