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November 17th news, according to informed, recently in the mobile terminal launched a smart advertising system, local life service businesses can do a keyword search marketing.

it is reported that this ad system called "promotion", the public comment on the on-line version of the PC system in early July, the official data show that the current promotion pass has been covering 42 City, 1400 national brands and 3000 stores.

it is understood that for the mobile terminal, "through the promotion of" the main advertising is a form of local life service businesses under the line of recommendation, there are two typical scenarios: one is recommended according to the geographical location, the user search keywords or use the search conditions, public comment according to the user’s previous search, browsing, booking intelligent recommendation with the preference related businesses, the recommended position usually in the search list fifth.


another scene is a cross category recommendation service category according to the user ordering system, associated with the category of service recommendation. For example, after the user bought a bar or KTV, will be recommended on behalf of the driving class services. For example, the user searched Han Han’s restaurant, I am very pleased to meet you, will be recommended for children and children in the bookstore or theater.


public comment promotion division head Guan Hong introduction, mainly through the promotion of CPM (cost per thousand) charge. According to its introduction, after the public comment on the PC side of the advertising test results show that the Shanghai food and beverage business in the public comment every 10 times exposure can bring thousands of thousands of food and beverage consumers, turnover of 1200 yuan.

tube macro said, mobile terminal advertising on the main line has two values, one in the consumer side, there is a more accurate recommendation. He said, with a lot of different kind business, the public comment on the user intelligent recommendation not objectionable, this may be the service category of local life characteristics.

another value in the merchant side. According to Guan Hong introduction, with the general brand advertising is different, the promotion will be more based on the matching degree of business attributes and user preferences. Therefore, small businesses can also be equal access to exposure.

"for many big brands, in the mobile terminal can have a lot of opportunities to buy advertising, brand advertising, looking from the media to do marketing, but small businesses do not do these means they lack, which led to the source of traffic in the mobile terminal." Guan Hong told billion state power network.

in addition to consumers, businesses, mobile advertising system on the line, for public comment itself, it is an opportunity to realize the flow. Public information, all the way in the mobile terminal of the public comment, last year it has announced that mobile traffic accounted for 70%. 2014 third quarter, the public comment announced mobile traffic accounted for more than 80%, the number of mobile end users up to 180 million.

and according to tube macro >

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